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Global creative minds and brands lead the inaugural MarketingPulse conference

PUBLISHED : Monday, 05 March, 2018, 11:28am
UPDATED : Monday, 05 March, 2018, 12:13pm

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What is the next big thing in marketing?  Get up to date with the latest trends and strategies at the first edition of MarketingPulse, an integrated regional conference designed to examine innovative marketing.

Explore new frontiers in marketing

Whether you are a KOL, CMO or a CEO, you should make it a point to attend MarketingPulse to be held on March 21 at the Hong Kong Convention and Exhibition Centre.

Organised by the Hong Kong Trade Development Council, the conference will gather some of the most renowned global creative minds, brand owners and marketing gurus under one roof to share the latest marketing trends, exchange best practices and explore new collaborations in Asia.  Get insights on how to take your campaigns to the next level at this must-attend conference. Register online today to get a special 30 per cent discount with the promo code.  


The tricks that make brands tick
World leading brands are set to share the tricks and tips of their success at the conference.  At the Plenary Session on brands’ stories, Kei Suzuki, director of Ryohin Keikaku Co Ltd (MUJI), will expound on how the anti-brand brand has evolved its marketing strategies and expanded their product lines and services.

The Japanese cult brand has recently moved into hospitality with the opening of Hotel MUJI Shenzhen, its first hotel, in January. Taking the "try before you buy" philosophy to another level, the brand invites guests to spend the night with its products. Explaining the concept of the “MUJI Hotel”, Suzuki said, “The hotels have been designed to reflect MUJI’s anti-gorgeous, anti-cheap concept. The goal is to offer great sleep at the right price, provide a space supporting both body and mind while away from home, and connect travellers to local people and places. Travel preferences are shifting away from packaged consumer products to a build-your-own experience. MUJI HOTEL provides an answer to this shift in demand. Cooperating with MUJI stores, MUJI HOTEL seeks to provide a physical experience of the MUJI philosophy through the sensation of towels, the placement of outlets and light switches, restaurants and menus, space, and more.”

More creative minds from DeBeers, The North Face, Marriott International, The GRAMMYs,, Lan Kwai Fong Group and MGM Resorts International will be on stage to share their insider marketing tips.


Immersive campaigns that rock the advertising world

Innovation and technology drive business success. From Mars to Van Gogh, some of the most ground-breaking advertising campaigns have captivated both the industry and the audience with their trailblazing creative concepts and cutting-edge executions.

At the Plenary Session addressing how innovation shapes new marketing frontiers, the legendary creative minds behind two of these multiple award-winning campaigns – Joshua Grossberg, Group Creative Director of McCann New York and Peter Lefebvre, Creative Director of Leo Burnett, will share their insights on how creative innovation shapes new frontiers to market brands.

Grossberg is the mastermind behind the 2016 Lockheed Martin promotional campaign, “The Field Trip to Mars” which took a group of primary-school students on a virtual tour of Mars.  The agency rigged a school bus with advanced VR technology to make the view out the windows look and feel like the Martian landscape, not the Washington, D.C. streets that the bus was actually driving down.

Explaining how the unexpected tactic effectively helped to demonstrate the role Lockheed Martin plays in assisting Humanity go to space, Grossberg said, “It helps people understand just how real the potential of going to Mars is. As far as the bus goes, I think what made it so powerful was that typically VR is a very constrained and isolated experience, thanks to the headset. This one is not; it's a natural, group experience. It didn't hurt that we took the kids somewhere pretty magical.”

Lefebvre’s “Van Gogh BnB for the Art Institute of Chicago” 2016 campaign was a resounding success in experiential marketing.  To promote the institute’s Van Gogh exhibition, he recreated the room featured in Van Gogh’s The Bedroom and listed it on Airbnb to create an immersive, one-of-a-kind experience of the 1888 painting for those who spent a night in the room. The cross-sector collaboration produced an immense impact and engaged with the audience on a deeper, more emotional level.

“You have to have a deep understanding, an affection really, for your audience. To the Art Institute, people were something more than ‘ticket buyers’. They were more fully-formed individuals who were interested in things other than art, like travel, and had basic human curiosity in things, like voyeurism. By looking at people a little deeper, you can engage with them more profoundly.

I think audiences also appreciate it when you make yourself a little vulnerable. Things like “Van Gogh BnB” or “The Field Trip to Mars” go out on a limb, you present an outstretched hand that can easily be rejected. But if you truly know your audience, people applaud you for making the extra effort to engage them,” said Lefebvre.

Creative thinking from content to media

In addition to the Plenary Sessions, you can listen to over 30 heavyweight speakers from top international brands, agencies and platforms which will host interactive sharing sessions on the latest trends and topical marketing subjects.

Generate business opportunities

Take time out to visit the Exhibition Zone showcasing different marketing solutions such as SEM, digital marketing, film/video production, AI, robotics and big data analytics, or make use of the on-site business-matching service to explore collaboration opportunities.  Networking is essential and the Happy Hour at the end of the conference is the perfect time to exchange intelligence and build your connections.

Register poste-haste

Don’t miss out on the opportunity to explore new frontiers in the markets and raise your game.  Register online today to enjoy a 30 per cent off special discount with promo code MEC01C3P. Act now!