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Kyowa Electronic Instruments guarantees safety for Asian industries and consumers

Pioneering company produces an extensive array of innovative, precise and sophisticated stress and strain measurement instruments, sensors and systems for international distribution

PUBLISHED : Wednesday, 13 April, 2016, 3:30pm
UPDATED : Wednesday, 13 April, 2016, 5:45pm

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Accurate measurement and control technologies are crucial factors in the manufacturing process that determine the creation of high-quality products and their accompanying seal of consumer safety. Kyowa Electronic Instruments, the pioneer behind the first Japanese-made strain gauges in 1950, continues to enhance industry and consumer safety globally with its comprehensive range of innovative and precise stress measurement technologies.

“Technology is a valuable business advantage in Japan, and is our key to success,” says Yoshio Hoshi, executive chairman of the board. “We pride ourselves in having supported the development of the country’s economy and various industries for a long time, and aim to share our expertise with the rest of Asia.”

With more than a half-century’s expertise across the automotive, railway, aerospace and hazard prevention sectors, Kyowa offers customisable total measurement solutions with various industrial applications suited to the rapidly changing demands of the global market.

The company locally produces an extensive array of innovative, precise and sophisticated stress and strain measurement instruments, sensors and systems distributed internationally. These range from various types of strain gauges and transducers to data analysers, car crash testing systems and traffic monitoring systems.

As market analysts forecast Southeast Asia’s automotive industry to surge forward by next year, the call for high-calibre vehicular and passenger security resonates ever more clearly.

Kyowa’s advanced technologies aid in monitoring roads, bridges and tunnels – preventing accidents and ensuring the proper maintenance and management of public infrastructure.

Already present across the mainland, Hong Kong, Thailand and Malaysia, Kyowa is committed to further expanding its Asia-Pacific reach. The company is also interested in developing products with mid-sized technology firms in Asia and sharing its know-how with universities overseas.

“We develop our business according to market needs and work with clients to produce different solutions,” Hoshi says. “With Southeast Asia investing in hydroelectric dams, highways, roads and tunnels, the opportunities are numerous.”


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