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M800: Hong Kong’s Communication Technology Leader Blazing a Trail for IoT in Hong Kong and Beyond

PUBLISHED : Thursday, 21 June, 2018, 12:03am
UPDATED : Thursday, 21 June, 2018, 12:03am

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Global cities transforming for the future

Internet of Things (IoT) has seen drastic growth recently. It is estimated that around 18 billion connected devices will be related to IoT by 2022. This increase has led to the development of smart cities, where IoT is collectively used to improve people’s lives.

Many countries worldwide have initiated real-world testing of smart products in their smart cities. All of these objects are connected to a network that allows them to exchange data with each other. A strong network infrastructure with extensive coverage and capabilities is the backbone of any IoT and in turn smart cities.

For many IoT developers, however, building their own network can be difficult as it is time-consuming and costly. As a solution, they approach service providers that already have an established network and leverage on theirs. With this in mind, there is one Hong Kong-based Communication-Platform-as-a-Service (CPaaS) provider that has an all-encompassing globally distributed network infrastructure and is currently dedicated to the communication development of IoT around the city, Asia-Pacific, and the world. This company being M800 Limited.

M800 is deeply engaged in IoT and smart city projects. As evidence, they presented an outline at the recent Smart City Forum that discussed the direction smart cities are heading. It revealed to the audience as to what actions they should take if they wish to further their standing in the IoT industry.

“A substantial factor of powering a smart city is the security and reliability of the networks that support it. We expect our messages to be transmitted instantly and safely. Going forward, this expectation will become even tighter and service providers should continuously upgrade their network to stay ahead,” said Co-Founder, Chairman and CEO of M800, Steven YAP, speaking at the Smart City Forum.

On top of the Smart City Forum, M800 also participated and showcased their IoT solution at the just concluded 6th Hong Kong IoT Conference.

Global communication innovator

Communication goes beyond just smart cities. In this globalized world where communication is made easy, we live in an age where movement of information is correlated to how we develop.

M800 is a leader in communication and this is demonstrated by their win at the Most Valuable Services Awards for “Most Innovative Telecomm Partner of the Year”. In the same night, they were also awarded three honors at the Asia-Pacific Stevie Awards, including the Gold for “Excellence in Innovation in Technology Industries”. These awards recognized M800 innovative work and thought leadership in the transforming field of communications, which includes their other products, the live customer support platform, liveConnect, and white-label communication app.

M800 has been building for these wins in recent years. The global communication solution powerhouse offers a cloud-based application layer that runs through their network infrastructure consisting of more than 260 tier-1 carrier partners and 50+ POPs located worldwide. M800 infrastructure is able to propel businesses to easily integrate secure and reliable communication functions into their products, with fast time to market and comes with a low CAPEX.

M800 has partnered with more than 500 global enterprises across different industries including large Fortune 500 companies from banking, finance, telecom, and more. Many of these industries have high standards that need to be met when it comes to data handling. M800 is able to serve these clients because it is certified PCI level 4 compliant, which ensures that it can meet the high-security demand necessary to support companies in these fields.

M800 has over 200 Research and Development (R&D) professionals supporting four R&D centers across the world including Taipei, Minsk, Kiev, and Hong Kong, where more than 100 local technical professionals are serving.

The clients of M800 extend across the world with many located in North America, Middle East, Europe, and Asia-Pacific. The company has exhibited at some of the world’s biggest mobile and technology conferences that have taken place there. These exhibitions include Mobile World Congress (Barcelona), GITEX (Dubai), and MTX (Rome).

M800 success is a big achievement for a local enterprise, however, it doesn’t rest on its accomplishments and continues to strive for further expansion and excellence.