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Nansha gained high reputation for its tech innovation potential from CNBC's East-tech-West event

PUBLISHED : Tuesday, 04 December, 2018, 1:49pm
UPDATED : Tuesday, 04 December, 2018, 2:06pm

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Nansha District in Guangzhou, part of China’s Greater Bay Area  which is aiming to develop into a global hub of technological innovation, has been under the spotlight among global investors since last week as hundreds of well-known technology enthusiasts, thought leaders, company founders and investors from around the world gathered at CNBC’s newest event, East Tech West, in the area.

CNBC, the world’s leading business and money-related news organization, will host the yearly tech conference in the coming three years, aiming at uniting a portion of the world’s most productive business pioneers to meet, arrange and talk about the fate of innovation at the core of the Greater Bay Area (GBA).

The three-day tech conference were guided by eight center occasion subjects, including AI in the public eye, The Future of Fintech, Tech Innovation, Telecommunications, Cybersecurity, Venture Capital, Global Trade Outlook, The Greater Bay Area and The Future of Entertainment, with an esteemed program of speakers from organizations including Microsoft, CTrip, EY, Telenor Group, Alibaba, WeWork, DiDi, JPMorgan Chase, as well as other emerging local tech startups in the GBA, like and IHD Pay.

The guests at the cutting edge of the technology industry and leading investors from across the world have been impressed and inspired that China still represents the most investment opportunities in the world.

With innovation front of mind for CNBC’s global audience and its new bureau in Guangzhou will allow it to deliver a deeper focus on the China tech story as well as enhancing its editorial presence across the Greater Bay area, especially Nansha, the emerging destination for technology and innovation investment, according to KC Sullivan, President and Managing Director at CNBC International.

“Investments that the government is making in infrastructure and transportation allow for the best to base here (Nansha). What we found is that all of our guests have been incredibly impressed with Nansha today (for its prospects in tech and innovation),” said Sullivan.

He added CNBC is a truly global brand to reach over 300 million audiences from 162 countries in the world. “We brought the best of the CNBC here. We are truly global brand and we are truly global broadcasters. We brought that to Nansha because the event is so important to us.”

The East tech West had been webcasted live worldwide and broadcasted live globally for 18 hours via the highly credible platform of CNBC. It became a new record for CNBC for the longest live interivews ever on a tech conference. Thanks for hours-long live broadcast on CNBC's platform, Nansha gained high reputation for its tech innovation and economic development potential among global audiences.

“We exposed them (global audience) to Nansha. I think that would encourage them to come back for business things, probably leisure perspective as well because the beautiful surroundings are here.” Sullivan said.

Besides investing in research, foreign investors are welcome to contribute to the technology environment in China, especially the Greater Bay Area, and it extends beyond just doing business, and includes nurturing talent, and working with partners.

"You have to invest. Investing means, at some point, some of your (intellectual property) is going to be developed here. So, you need to not have this fear that everything is going to go the negative way. I think that's a very important one." Alain Crozier,the chairman and chief executive officer of Microsoft Greater China Region on Wednesday at the conference.

“Second one is when you come and do business somewhere, you also have to contribute very heavily to the market you are in. And contribution is not just doing business, it’s how many people today are leading some of the most famous Chinese companies. They came from Microsoft…so what’s important is you are here to develop the ecological system.

For its part, he explained, Microsoft works with thousands of partners in the country to bring some of its own, as well as competitive technologies, to market together.

"I still believe, and the UBS house view also believes, that China (is) still representing the most investment opportunities in the world. Maybe we can conservatively say one of the most opportunities in the world,"  Catherine Cai, the executive vice chairman and chairman of Greater China's investment arm for UBS said at East Tech West.

On day two of East Tech West, artificial intelligence AI dominated the conversation, as the attendees from across the world were incredibly impressed by the development of AI industry in Nansha.

Nansha now is planning to establish a world-leading artificial intelligence (AI) industrial cluster by 2020, form a group of dynamic and sustainable AI businesses and build a national leading artificial intelligence city model. Currently, more than 130 artificial intelligence startups and giants have set up in the Nansha International AI Innovation Park, with some of them becoming tech unicorn companies already.