Sculpture Park Living at MOUNT PAVILIA

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Mount Pavilia First-Ever Sculpture Park Living In Clear Water Bay

The bucolic charm of Clear Water Bay inspires art entrepreneur Adrian Cheng to create a Sculpture Park Living concept, the first of its kind in the district, at MOUNT PAVILIA as a continuing realisation of New World Development’s The Artisanal Movement that he pioneered.

PUBLISHED : Monday, 26 June, 2017, 9:25am
UPDATED : Monday, 26 June, 2017, 9:25am

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Hong Kong’s back garden

Picturesque Clear Water Bay provides the perfect backdrop to experience Sculpture Park Living to the fullest. The back garden of Hong Kong [1], Clear Water Bay offers over 10,000 hectares of verdant greenery [2] only half an hour away from Central [3]. The antithesis of the city centre with its frenetic pace and soaring skyscrapers, the idyllic arcadia offers a welcoming escape from the hustle and bustle of the metropolis. A craggy peninsula in Southeastern Hong Kong, Clear Water Bay is fringed by a country park on its east coast and Sai Kung’s outlying islands to the north. World- class ecological wonders [4], lush green vegetation, magnificent peaks, plentiful bays, pristine beaches and breathtaking vistas make Clear Water Bay one of the jewels in the city’s alfresco crown. This is where a laid-back lifestyle and low-density living combined with the close proximity of upscale private members clubs and renowned educational institutions have lured an international community to take up residence.

Sculpture Park Living evokes the imagination

It is in this pastoral setting that MOUNT PAVILIA nestles. A utopia reimagined for those who dream of a contemporary lifestyle in a natural environment where home and family are the nucleus. And for those seeking a curated living space with bespoke experiences inspired by art, culture and nature.

‘Home is where the heart is’ rings particularly true at MOUNT PAVILIA.  The concept of home is realised not just in the residences, but also extends to the Sculpture Park set in an approx. 270,000-square-foot secret garden. Four statement sculptures created by celebrated international artists soar in the midst of the lush greenery, enabling residents to enjoy the splendour of art in nature.

Interactive art with a humanistic approach

Unified by the common theme of ‘Home and Family’, each sculpture is a living work of art that integrates with nature and interacts with viewers. Vastly different in medium and execution, they stoke the imagination and ignite the intimate interaction between residents and nature.

‘Share’ by Hong Kong artist  Kum Chi Keung features a giant green apple with a cut-out section that acts as a scultpural bench inviting residents to sit on while admiring the beauty of nature.

A different representation of sharing is ‘Home’, an installation designed for imaginative play by Beijing-based artist Gao Weigang. Reminiscent of traditional toys made of wooden blocks, the 24 distinct marble blocks represent the building blocks of home and symbolise shared happiness within the family.

French artist Jean-Michel Othoniel’s sculpture ‘Clear Water Bay’s Rebounds, 2015’, features curved rows of aluminum beads set amidst a water feature, while fellow French artist Tatiana Trouvé’s ‘Waterfall’  presents a patinated bronze mattress draped over a cast concrete wall with water trickling and seeping from the mattress to the ground.  Both dramatic pieces foster the appreciation of art in everyday life.

Artisanal to the core

The artisanal philosophy of bespoke craftsmanship, uniqueness, innovation and contemporary aesthetics extends beyond the Sculpture Park to the rest of the low-rise development. The Kids Garden, designed by award-winning Dutch multi-disciplinary design team Carve, is an interactive playscape in sculptural forms that engages children to play in a fun and innovative environment.

Another architectural showpiece is the White Yard [5], designed by internationally renowned Korean architect Minsuk Cho in his first project in Hong Kong. Its curvaceous shape and transparency feel create a fluidity and lightness to enhance the series of unique moments for residents to enjoy.

Fulfil your vision of a bespoke lifestyle

MOUNT PAVILIA’s idyllic setting at 663 Clear Water Bay Road in Clear Water Bay Peninsula North and groundbreaking artisanal living concept elevate experiential living to an artistic form. Those seeking to fulfil their vision of a bespoke artisanal lifestyle and a contemporary living culture can choose from among the 680 units located in 21 Towers and 6 Blocks. Whether the choice is a one-bedroom flat or a special residential unit such as a Penthouse Triplex Collectable [6], MOUNT PAVILIA lays the foundation on which to experience Sculpture Park Living.




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[1] Hong Kong’s back garden.
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[3] Travelling time from Clear Water Bay to Central.
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[4] World-class ecological wonders.
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