Sculpture Park Living at MOUNT PAVILIA

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Artistry Redefined – White Yard^ connecting residents with nature and culture at MOUNT PAVILIA

PUBLISHED : Tuesday, 04 July, 2017, 11:56am
UPDATED : Monday, 10 July, 2017, 4:00pm

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Sculpture Park Living

A strong sense of arrival greets residents and visitors when they arrive at MOUNT PAVILIA, a breakthrough low rise residential complex situated in the tranquil and lush environment of Clear Water Bay. In order to set the scene for the Sculpture Park Living that Adrian Cheng envisages as the artisanal lifestyle of the future, he invited internationally celebrated South Korea architect Minsuk Cho, founder of Mass Studies, to design the White Yard^ clubhouse and gallery that sit at the entrance of MOUNT PAVILIA. The sculptural design serves as the key to unlock the boundless imagination of the Sculpture Park that lies within the complex, with four statement sculptures themed on the idea of Home created by renowned international artists. Interactive and imaginative, they invite residents to experience art and nature right at their own doorstep.

The artistic gateway to MOUNT PAVILIA

The White Yard^ clubhouse and gallery serves as the gateway to the exploration of the bespoke craftsmanship exhibited throughout MOUNT PAVILIA, inspiring the inner artisan in residents.

Famed for winning the 14th Venice Architecture Biennale Golden Lion Award in 2014, Minsuk Cho has elevated the architectural landscape in South Korea, Japan and the United States with his contemporary and often abstract structures that are both fluid and dramatic. He has also received wide acclaim for his design for the Korean Pavilion at the World Expo 2010 in Shanghai, firmly establishing his preeminent status in the forefront of contemporary architecture worldwide.

Sharing a kindred spirit with New World Development’s artisanal living philosophy, Cho’s fulfilment of White Yard^, his first project in Hong Kong, is testament to the successful collaboration of two like-minded forces.

Design worthy of a contemporary museum

The streamlined fluidity of the two connected structures of White Yard^ is the perfect embodiment of contemporary architectural aesthetics. Its minimalistic, sculptural shape is an art form in its own right, worthy of housing a museum or gallery of repute.

Crafted in white concrete and bricks to enhance a soft and sculptural quality, with clear glass walls to add transparency, White Yard^ reflects the essence of its location in Clear Water Bay – light, airy, dreamy and tranquil.

In the White Yard Gallery^, the outer facade of the top floor features a long, white delicate brick screen that changes in pattern and gradation to play nicely with the light. Specially cast for MOUNT PAVILIA, the screen raises the level of bespoke craftsmanship.

The expansive use of clear glass walls in the façade of the Clubhouse, some straight to serve as a wall and others curvaceous like a sinuous curtain, and sometimes openable, dissolves the boundaries between the inside and outside. Here nature is exhibited at its most magnificent, bringing panoramic views of the Sculpture Park and outdoor swimming pool to the interior. From the exterior, residents can enjoy the unique optical experiences the Clubhouse offers.

An artisanal community

The artisan spirit is exemplified at every turn in the gallery. Providing all the basics of living, the retail spaces offer a wide range of goods including an artisanal food market that provides the finest products sourced from around.

The chi art space occupies the top two floors. A contemporary art gallery, it exhibits a variety of art and craft works for the community to enjoy, while establishing a platform for Clear Water Bay and the surrounding art enthusiasts to create an artistic community and space close to their homes.

With its striking architecture and unique moments offered within and without, White Yard^ brings The Artisanal Movement at MOUNT PAVILIA to life. A focal point for the grooming of an artisanal community, it connects people seamlessly with nature and culture, while inspiring them to become artisans of their own dreams.


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