Anna Hu Red Carpet Collection
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Emily Blunt (left) wearing Modern Art Deco earrings in Emerald II and Wallis Simpson bracelet with Anna Hu (right) at the Cannes Film Festival.

Anna Hu artistic jewels sparkle on the red carpet

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The high jewellery artist’s bespoke Red Carpet Collection of fantasy jewellery blends eastern classics with glitz and glamour.

Creating beautiful legends

Anna Hu’s stunning jewels have adorned some of the world’s biggest Oscar winners and stars as they grace the red carpet since she founded her eponymous brand in New York in 2008. Hilary Swank and Scarlett Johansson donned ANNA HU to the Academy Awards in 2011. The following year, Gwyneth Paltrow stole the show with the Hearts of Winter cuff and Duchess Hibiscus ring hailed as “the best red carpet jewellery” of the 2012 Academy Awards.  Natalie Portman followed suit by adding the Turandot emerald earrings to her ensemble at the Vanity Fair Oscar Party in 2013.

Gwyneth Paltrow wearing “the best red carpet jewellery” of the 2012 Academy Awards.

Emily Blunt, Naomi Watts, Uma Thurman, Drew Barrymore, Saoirse Ronan, talk show queen Oprah Winfrey and influential contemporary photography artist Cindy Sherman have all named Anna Hu the go-to jeweller for their bling at red carpet and important occasions. Staunch supporter Madonna even featured three one-of-a-kind ANNA HU high jewellery pieces in W.E., a film about the Duke and Duchess of Windsor that she directed.

Natalie Portman wears the magnificent Turandot earrings at the 2013 Vanity Fair Oscars Party.

Channeling the goddess
Inspired by these Hollywood stars’ luminosity, and guided by her friendship with them, Anna created her bespoke masterpieces, called the Red Carpet Collection, for them to dazzle in the limelight.

Crafted from the most precious gemstones, designed with a poetic style that reflects Anna’s background as a professionally-trained cellist, these exclusive fantasy jewels fit for goddesses bring fire to every red carpet occasion.  

The stars and Anna

Madonna wears the Edelweiss Cross diamond pendant to the Met Gala in 2009.

Anna’s entry into the starry orbit came in 2009 when she met Madonna. Sparks flew, and Madonna felt in love with the Edelweiss Cross diamond pendant necklace that Anna wore for the occasion.  She debuted the piece at the 2009 Metropolitan Museum of Art (Met) Costume Institute Gala and put ANNA HU on the global map. Madonna was the first Hollywood star to wear Anna’s jewellery and has also collected numerous pieces. When W.E. premiered at the Venice Film Festival, Anna attended both the screening and after-party.


After her bejewelled Oscars triumph in 2012, Gwyneth Paltrow invited Anna to create pieces to wear for the Met Gala the same year. Taking inspiration from Ang Lee’s Oscars winning film “Crouching Tiger, Hidden Dragon”, Anna created the delicate Summer Bamboo earrings in white gold with the finest emeralds contrasting with the bold Celestial Fire Lotus ring featuring a 6.27-carat rare Burmese pigeon’s blood ruby as the main stone for a contemporary Chinese aesthetic.

In 2015, a star-studded year for Anna, Gwyneth again donned ANNA HU to the Oscars.  This time, her spectacular Fire Phoenix earrings comprising four large and rare pear-shaped red tourmalines weighing 123.88 carats in total and the Pétales d’Amour ring received rave reviews.

Anna Hu (left) with Gwyneth Paltrow (right) wearing Fire Phoenix earrings at the 2015 Oscars.

Shining brightly on the same red carpet was Naomi Watts, star of the film “Diana”, with ANNA HU Art Deco Burmese royal sapphire earrings weighing nearly 50 carats that reflect the regal elegance of Princess Diana.

At the Met Gala, Emily Blunt dazzled in ANNA HU Enchanted Orchid Earrings in Sapphire and Moonlight Waltz Ring. At the same time, Uma Thurman gave the world a second look at the magnificent Turandot earrings featuring almost 65 carats of emerald beads sourced from the ancient Panjshir Valley in Afghanistan.

And three weeks later, Emily Blunt once again showed off the glitz and glamour of the ANNU HU high jewellery by wearing the Modern Art Deco earrings in Emerald II, Ellington bangle in Emerald, Wallis Simpson bracelet, and Duchess Hibiscus ring to the premiere of the film Sicario at the Cannes Film Festival.  Emily was so enamoured with the jewels the first time she wore them that she invited Anna to create her dream earrings again for the premiere. “I really like Anna’s jewellery! Every woman should have them,” she exclaimed.  And once again, ANNA HU garnered critical acclaim, writing another beautiful chapter for the Red Carpet Collection.



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