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Art of the rose

The emblematic Lancôme Rose has been reimagined by two young French artists to make the ritual of beauty a new visual and sensual experience.

PUBLISHED : Monday, 04 September, 2017, 12:01am
UPDATED : Monday, 04 September, 2017, 12:01am

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Through the ages, the rose has captured the imagination of countless poets and artists. What is even more intriguing, however, is that its beauty is actually a tangible quality that can be extracted by science and turned into a ritual that can suspend the passing of time. Lancôme’s Absolue L’Extrait line is the culmination of the art and science inspired by the beautiful rose.

And it is not any rose. At the heart of Absolue L’Extrait is the Lancôme Rose, a flower created in 1973 by rose-breeder Georges Delbard that has become the brand’s ubiquitous symbol. While it is remarkably vivid, resilient and adaptable, Lancôme’s research department has discovered that it also possesses unique skin regeneration properties. Since 2012, these properties have been incorporated in all Absolue L’Extrait creations, including the Ultimate Elixir.

The pinnacle of French artistry

The Ultimate Elixir, the revered superstar in Absolue L’Extrait’s lineup of products, gets a luxurious and artistic makeover this year by French artists Alex and Marine who despite their young age have received critical acclaim in the world of fashion and design.

For the Ultimate Elixir Art Edition by Alex & Marine, the duo has designed a limited-edition coffret and jar that breath a carefree yet elegant femininity with more than a hint of contemporary French style. In their rendition of the iconic Lancôme Rose, they have uncovered a never seen before facet of its natural and hypnotic beauty. Reinterpreted in a style that is both delicate and abstract, the rose reveals a strong, daring and timeless personality that is irresistible to today’s women.

Science for the senses

The power of Ultimate Elixir comes from the native cells of the Lancôme Rose, which are harvested through a proprietary process known as Fermogenesis™. Developed by Lancôme, this biotechnical process allows each native cell to slowly mature and multiply in its own time free from strain, protecting its metabolism and potential for regeneration.

The Lancôme Rose native cells are proven to have power to improve the skin’s regenerative process. It is a generous gift from nature, unwrapped by science.

Combined with an elegant texture and enchanting fragrance, the Ultimate Elixir is a joy to experience. The skin is firmer, revitalised and takes on a dewy glow.

Ultimate Elixir Art Edition by Alex & Marine HK$3,700