Song Hye Kyo, South Korean superstar and Chaumet’s Asia-Pacific brand ambassador, shows off the Bee My Love collection.

‘Tis the season to be gifting Chaumet jewels

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This year, we have realised more than ever how much our loved ones mean to us. Show how much you care this holiday season with sparkling gifts from the revered Parisian luxury jeweller that are rich in meaning.

Invaluable treasures 

Send a special wish to your beloved, or yourself, with an emblematic piece from Chaumet.  The 240-year-old Maison is renowned for its 12 iconic symbols signifying love, emotion and power, giving you one that covers each day of Christmas. Timelessly elegant, these jewellery creations have been reinterpreted with poetry and modernity, making them invaluable treasures to be cherished for life. Song Hye Kyo, South Korean superstar and Chaumet’s Asia-Pacific brand ambassador, shows how you could share precious moments with your loved ones with the Maison’s gift suggestions.


Chaumet’s geometric Bee My Love bracelets in white, yellow and rose gold are ideally suited for independent women leading full lives.
Iconic, graphic and irresistible, the Bee My Love collection makes a beautiful gift to independent women leading full lives. An imperial emblem and a symbol of sovereignty, the bee inspires the geometric rings, bracelets, necklaces and earrings featuring a honeycomb motif. 

Crafted in shimmering white, yellow or rose gold, and lit up with glittering semi- or full-diamond pavé, they are timeless pieces you can wear casually. Mix and match them, or better still, wear them stacked and layered to add to the allure. 

Celebrate togetherness

Song Hye Kyo expresses love with Chaumet’s Liens collection.
“Love is all you need during the holiday season”, wishes Kyo. Show your love for your partner with a precious Jeux de Liens Harmony medallion pendant or bracelet. 

The medallion features iconic crossed links and two asymmetrical parts. They represent two loving and different people connected by shared qualities and committed to a future together.

Choose from a polished gold, diamond pavé, mother-of-pearl, onyx or malachite medallion and engrave your initials or personal message on the reverse as a special keepsake.

Show your commitment to each other with Chaumet’s Jeux de Liens Harmony medallion pendants.
Like the Bee My Love Collection, wear the Jeux de Liens Harmony medallion pendant or bracelet in multiple and layered to hold your closed ones even closer.

Add a Liens Évidence bracelet to further the link between the two of you.

Express uniqueness with Joséphine

The Chaumet Joséphine Splendeur Impériale solitaire tiara ring is a gift to cherish for life.
For a unique gift, look no further than the magnificent Joséphine collection.  Top of the pick is a platinum and diamond ring that captures two Chaumet icons – the tiara ring and the brilliant-cut diamond. This Splendeur Impériale solitaire features a central brilliant-cut diamond, a pear-shaped diamond and brilliant-cut diamonds.  The eternal elegance and majestic femininity of the ring evoke the pomp of the parures at the court of the Empress Joséphine, the Maison’s inspiration. 

Perfect for marking a precious milestone or showing your deep love and affection, this ring will crown the finger with a graceful and effortless aesthetic. 

So, make this season a cherished one with a treasured gift from Chaumet. And enjoy the special moments together as the radiant Kyo wished in her holiday greeting.

Check out the online Holiday Wishlist on the Chaumet website and order your gift from the comfort of home.
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