CINDY CHAO’s jewelled tour de force

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CINDY CHAO The Art Jewel

CINDY CHAO The Art Jewel’s debut at Masterpiece London a resounding success

PUBLISHED : Friday, 20 July, 2018, 11:39am
UPDATED : Friday, 20 July, 2018, 4:37pm

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The only Asian high jeweller present at Masterpiece London, Cindy Chao The Art Jewel bedazzled collectors with its 2018 collection of Black Label Masterpieces.  And at its first outing at the celebrated art fair set within the grounds of the historic Royal Hospital Chelsea, the magnificent Peony Brooch was honoured with an “Outstanding Exhibit” award bestowed by the Masterpiece 2018 Awards Committee.

Inspired by the beauty of British Columbia

Nature plays a significant role in the theme of Cindy Chao’s ravishing art jewellery, with the 2018 Black Label Masterpieces no exception.  For this collection, the avid traveller took inspiration from a trip to British Columbia in Canada last year where she fully immersed herself in nature’s endless wonders.

A melding of sculptural craftsmanship and architecture

The lush colours of British Columbia’s coastal forest are perfectly captured in the stunning Emerald Feather brooches. One of Chao’s signature designs, they embody the DNA of her creations – a unique blend of sculptural craftsmanship and architecture in contemporary high jewellery.

Meticulously crafted in ultra-lightweight titanium, 18K yellow gold and silver with movable joints to bring exceptional movement, light and sparkle, the brooches took master craftsmen in the jeweller’s European atelier over 10,000 hours to complete.

Chao started the creative process with hand-carving and sculpting a wax model using the delicate craft of 18th century artisan wax moulding, painstakingly structuring the piece in detail from every angle.   After the casting is done, sketches are drawn to enable the master craftsmen to visualise better and set the piece.

By using such a laborious and refined method, the final jewel is a 360-degree work of art and the ultimate expression of Chao’s savoir-faire as a sculptor and artist.  Each brooch comes with over 80 carats of vivid green emeralds with the fancy-cut main stones weighing over two carats each. They are a nod to the natural, untouched beauty of Chao’s imaginary world, recalling the luxuriant greenery of the British Columbia forest.  Over five carats of yellow diamonds sparkle on the quill as if they were scintillating in the sunlight.  Exquisite, delicate and intricate, the brooches mesmerise with ethereal beauty, enabling collectors and connoisseurs experience the artistic interpretations of the natural world through her eyes.

A peony in full bloom

“An example of contemporary craftsmanship and great design” was how the Masterpiece 2018 Awards Committee described the Peony Brooch when it bestowed the jewel with an “Outstanding Exhibit” award. 

Entirely set with rubies on purple-coloured titanium, the dynamic and boldly beautiful brooch lives up to this accolade. 105 oval-shaped rubies weighing over 172 carats take centre stage, surrounded by 2,380 rubies weighing over 172 carats.  The vivid red bloom with delicate pistils encrusted with yellow diamonds is reminiscent of the intensely hued and kaleidoscopic Nootka Island in British Columbia, offering another facet of the natural beauty of the region to appreciate.

Masterpieces heading to Hong Kong

Connoisseurs don’t have to wait long to view this fabulous collection of one-of-a-kind museum-calibre jewellery.  The 2018 Black Label Masterpieces will be unveiled in Hong Kong in September at the first stop of its Asian exhibition tour.

Besides the Emerald Feather Brooches and the Peony Brooch, you will be able to get up close and personal with other original, intricate, complex and lifelike pieces such as the Floral Bud Brooch and Coral Bangle that will take your breath away. Watch this space!