Authentic and innovative, the new BMW Luxury Class Showroom houses the entire range of BMW luxurious models.

BMW’s new flagship showroom for luxury cars — a meticulously curated experience

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In celebration of the BMW Luxury Class Showroom opening, a curated tour "BMW Luxury Class exclusive Five Sense Journey" is now offered to registered guests until November 10. Upon completion of the pre-registration via, interested parties will be able to enjoy an exceptional discovery tour guided by the brand's special consultants. They will learn first-hand about everything that makes the facility special. Don't miss the opportunity.

BMW’s new flagship showroom for luxury cars — a meticulously curated experience
The recently opened BMW Luxury Class Showroom brings to the marque's current and future owners an entirely refreshed customer experience — combining fine sensory delights, personalisation opportunities and the pure pleasure of the latest technology.
Located in the same convenient business hub of Wanchai on Gloucester Road, the newly opened BMW Luxury Class Showroom presents clients with an entirely new customer-centric experience. The completely redesigned flagship showroom instantly charms visitors with its elegant warmth, automotive authenticity, and private club-like style. 

The showroom comes equipped with the next-generation technology for comprehensive product information.

At a time when it seems that any automotive information can be had right at one's fingertips, it is amazing how much extra value a truly brilliantly designed automobile showroom can still bring to luxury automobile fans and followers. After all, a genuinely personal experience can never be matched by merely looking at a mobile phone or computer screen. 

BMW welcomes current and future luxury car owners to its first ever state-of-the-art luxurious showroom in Hong Kong. With a huge sense of pride, the German luxury carmaker refers to the facility as an entirely new era in its retailing development in Hong Kong. 

Occupying a generous floor space matched by high ceilings, just a few footfalls away from one of the Island’s most bustling thoroughfares, the new BMW Luxury Class Showroom houses the entire range of BMW top-class models — including THE 7, THE 8 Coupe, THE 8 Convertible, THE X7 and even the futuristic i8. 

With the art piece “Form of Transcendence” set on the wall, the Audio Lounge is an ideal room for future owners to personalise their luxury BMW car.

Having taken a team of architectural and creative professionals over a year to realise, from concept to completion, the BMW Luxury Class Showroom is far more than the mere display venue of some of the finest cars in the luxury segment. 

Guests who have the privilege to step inside this uniquely stunning showroom will long remember the experience. Slipping into the hushed, but warmly sun-lit entrance they will be treated to multiple sensory delights, to the eyes, the ears and yes, the taste buds, too. Of course, then there is the sheer appeal of a range of BMW luxurious models. 

But first, there is that sweet-smelling aroma. It is said that aroma enriches people's fond memories. BMW has secured a signaturearoma found nowhere else in the world; it is reminiscent of soothing woody notes with traces of exotic herbs and fresh fruit. The pleasant scent will no doubt remind wine connoisseurs of a carefully aged wine of nuanced flavours. 

The aroma is not the only pleasant element greeting people. Like an admirable host, ever sensitive to the needs of their guests, the hospitality staff of BMW Luxury Class Showroom works hard to ensure the complete relaxation of their visitors, who will be offered a choice of over 20 different refreshments, such as teas, including cold brew teas, and hand-crafted coffees. 

Some key elements of the showroom’s interior design include the bronze interior colour, the textural feature wall with its embossed graphics, contemporary furniture and the unique terrazzo flooring.

Just as one takes a sip of their chosen beverage, visitors who have an appreciation for artistic beauty will note the distinctive design of the showroom’s interior — from casual subdued ceiling lighting and the handsome bronze interior colour, to the textural feature wall with its embossed graphics and the unique terrazzo flooring.

The flooring matches that at BMW's famous Munich headquarters, where the sublimely beautiful flooring is an authentic feature created by celebrated Milan-based Spanish architectural designer Patricia Urquiola, whose sought-after furniture pieces and installations are found in the world’s top luxury hotels and showrooms. 

More BMW elements are found at the space refurbished with contemporary furniture. The statement art piece "Form of Transcendence" was created by American multi-art performer Kate March at the BMW "Own the Moment" launch party held earlier this year in the city. 

Remember, as impressive as the visual impact of BMW’s Luxury Class Showrooms can be, it is all but one element contributing to an exceptionally immersive personal experience. It is worth taking note that the showroom is equipped with top-notch Bowers and Wilkins audio system. The exclusive Audio Lounge, meanwhile, is further enhanced with the upgraded Bowers and Wilkins Diamond Surround Sound System for a particularly enriched sound quality; which, incidentally is a wonderful optional feature in BMW's flagship models. But that is another story. 

The BMW Luxury Class Showroom offers unparalleled personalised experience. For example, at the Audio Lounge, a proud future owner of a BMW luxury model will be given a detailed account of the many personalisation options and luxurious features available, including the vast number of body paints and choices of upholstery — by one of the facility’s professional car consultants, in absolute comfort. 

Guests are offered a choice of teas, including lowcaffeine cold brew teas, and hand-crafted coffees.

The showroom's privileged guests, especially those tech savvy, will also be well entertained. Among the most recognised carmakers in the automotive world in the deployment of technology, BMW stays truthful to its quest to be a leader in the application of cuttingedge technology, both on the road, and in the showroom. A range of interactive video touchscreens is at visitors' disposal to allow them to explore a comprehensive range of product details, plus BMW's glorious heritage. 

Clients and customers and fans should also know that the allure of the new BMW Luxury Class Showroom extends well beyond the physical facility itself. 

The BMW Excellence Club offers its members a wealth of private social privileges, including invitations to the brand's exclusive events, art appreciation experiences, various culinary events, and a range of other enticing brand offerings in association with over 50 different partners —covering lifestyle, dining, entertainment and leisure activities. 

BMW Luxury Class Showroom
Address : G/F, Everbright Centre, 108 Gloucester Road, Wanchai, Hong Kong 
Phone : +852 3129 9010 
Opening Hours : 9:00am – 8:00pm (Monday to Saturday) 10:00am – 7:00pm (Sunday) 
Pre-registration :