De Beers’ Women of Forever

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De Beers rises to the occasion when only forever will do

PUBLISHED : Monday, 21 May, 2018, 12:04am
UPDATED : Monday, 21 May, 2018, 12:04am

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There are special moments in your life that need to be marked, to be etched in your memory forever.  For De Beers’ newly-minted ‘Women of Forever’, these occasions are commemorated with nothing more eternal than a girl’s best friend.

A diamond of forever

In its new global campaign dubbed ‘When Only Forever Will Do’, De Beers Diamond Jewellers shines the spotlight on three of its collectors by exploring the deep connections they have with their treasured moments and their jewellery through their personal stories.

Each of these multi-faceted women has her unique strengths, vulnerabilities, curiosities and passions that define her personality, but what’s united them is their desire to celebrate their milestones with peerless De Beers diamond jewellery.  With 130-years of passionate diamond mastery and knowledge behind it, De Beers has always been the go-to brand for generations of women who chose a timeless diamond to capture cherished memories and safeguard them forever. As the ‘Creators of Forever’, De Beers is best placed to select the diamonds and craft each piece of the jewellery selected by the ‘Women of Forever’, bringing them to life and reflecting the inner brilliance in each woman.

The glamour of Fan Bingbing

The gorgeous Fan Bingbing needs no introduction. The acclaimed actress, entrepreneur and philanthropist is De Beers’ brand ambassador and one of its inaugural ‘Women of Forever’.  Bingbing’s story of inner strength and instincts, her passion for acting and determination to pursue her career in defiance of her parent’s wishes is truly inspirational.  Her ambition has led to her climbing the ladder of success and becoming an international A-list celebrity. In 2017, she served as a judge at the prestigious Cannes Film Festival where she marked the defining moment in dazzling De Beers High Jewellery pieces.  “If a woman’s heart is a diamond, her life experiences are the polishing,” says Bingbing.  The glamorous star also revealed new facets of her journey, including her talents in playing the flute and piano, through her personal De Beers collections featured in the campaign.

The perfectionism of Maria

London-based Maria has roots in fashion, and a unique sense of creativity encouraged from a young age during visits to her grandfather’s coat factory. Everything she does has always been about self-expression, and she seeks perfection, making sure all the components come together to create something perfect.  It is this drive for perfection that led her to De Beers in her long search for the perfect diamond engagement ring. “I just walked in, and it was there looking at me.  This was the one.  It was just perfect,” recalls Maria, another ‘Women of Forever’. Her choice was a sparkling yellow diamond solitaire ring that reflects not only her personality but also the fact that she and her fiancé are meant to be together forever.

The bravery of Yumi

Another London-based ‘Women of Forever’ is Yumi.  A nature lover who finds balance and connection with herself in the natural world, Yumi chose to be photographed in the calming environment of the iconic Kew Gardens. For strength, she also draws on her De Beers Talisman Bravery Medal, one of “The Eight Virtues” Talisman series set with rough and polished diamonds. To Yumi, they represent the different stages of diamonds, rather like life itself. She was going through a phase of great change in her life when she purchased the pendant and felt it was fitting for her. Being brave, she believes, is being comfortable in her own skin and being able to acknowledge the highs and lows in life. “When I am wearing my bravery pendant I feel confident,” she confides.  With her talisman guarding her, Yumi feels emboldened to embrace life’s challenges with strength and determination.  Each of her De Beers diamond jewellery pieces represents different periods in her life, just like chapters in a book.

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