Denim jewellery goes haute

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Qeelin dares you to wear denim jewellery

PUBLISHED : Friday, 02 November, 2018, 12:04am
UPDATED : Friday, 02 November, 2018, 11:07am


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Qeelinistas and fashionistas alike should be the first to don Qeelin’s new denim Wulu pendant in a bold crossover between a street-cred material and haute jewellery.

A witty pairing

Lest you think that’s an odd combo, the pairing of denim with white gold and diamonds is a witty one by Qeelin’s creative director Dennis Chan. Since the sturdy material was made into blue jeans worn by gold miners during the Gold Rush, it is wickedly apt to bring denim back to the gold it was invented to help seek. And set with glittering diamonds for

good measure.

History notwithstanding, the denim Wulu pendant is an edgy piece of jewellery that pushes the boundaries of style. Totally Qeelin in its innovative approach, the pendant redefines the rules of denim and luxury jewellery with a bit of fun and irreverence.

Cool bracelets

Continue to be a fashion rebel by matching your denim Wulu pendant with a multi-faceted Wulu interchangeable bracelet with a stylish denim strap.

The trendy bracelet with the iconic jewelled Wulu buckle also comes in calf leather straps in a choice of plush red, black or cream for you to mix and match to complement your wardrobe of the day.

Change the denim or leather strap to an elegant 18K rose gold bracelet and upgrade it instantly into a statement piece for the evening, especially for the party season.

With all straps available in a choice of three lengths – 14.5cm, 15.5cm and 16.5cm – there’s a bracelet that will fit even the daintiest of wrist.

Feel the magic of the Wulu and the good fortune and positive energy it purportedly brings with the new denim pendant and interchangeable bracelets, personified by popular Chinese actress and Qeelin brand ambassador Nazha.