An elegant home with ease of life

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A home that combines exquisite elegance with ease of life

Taikoo Place Apartments and Pacific Place Apartments are well-appointed accommodation offering contemporary luxurious living at its finest

PUBLISHED : Thursday, 10 August, 2017, 9:51am
UPDATED : Monday, 14 August, 2017, 10:53am

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As a unique and dynamic cosmopolitan city, Hong Kong has a fast-paced lifestyle, where a tenth of a second or an unnoticeable detail define the game. That's why Swire Properties – a name long celebrated for its grandiose shopping malls, strikingly elegant apartments, luxurious urban hotels and premium office spaces – now offer two of the city's finest service apartment complexes specially designed and created for those people who won’t accept anything but the best. 

Taikoo Place Apartments and Pacific Place Apartments are two of Hong Kong's most sought-after properties in the highly competitive serviced apartments sector. Aside from their prime locations, Hong Kong's premier professional property management company assures that even the smallest comforting detail is never overlooked so that even their most demanding international clientele are delighted with every aspect of their luxury home lives.  

Island East’s oeuvre in contemporary simplicity

Completed in 2015, Taikoo Place Apartments rests right at the vibrant heart of the Taikoo Place community, surrounded by the commercial complexes sharing the same name - Hong Kong island’s largest shopping destination Cityplaza and harbour front Quarry Bay Park and promenade.

Benefitting from the services of top interior designer New York-based Richardson Sadeki, Taikoo Place Apartments carries a stylistically contemporary character, thanks to the sophisticated use of colour and tone. The mix of warm and cool shades of grey in home offices and bathroom provides a neat yet timeless backdrop; while the earthy brown tone finishing adds a stroke of natural serenity.

Besides the wise choice of specific colours, Taikoo Place Apartments also takes special pride in its bold application of textures and forms. One will find clean lines and uncluttered spaces, both in its open-plan studios, and in its one- and two-bedroom apartments, as well as two rare Penthouse suites. The installation of marble dining tables, fine-fabrics in their upholstered sofas and fluffy pillows and cushions, also adds a subtle touch of opulence to all the suites.

If colour, shapes and textures are the ingenious features for Taikoo Place Apartments, the striking details for Pacific Place Apartments would be its intelligent interplay of light and space.

Modern chic living in Admiralty

Pacific Place Apartments, a property inseparable from the sophisticated hotels cluster overlooking the Queensway, is part of the Pacific Place complex, one of the city’s key upscale commercial and entertainment hubs.

The already spacious apartments are equipped with large floor-to-ceiling windows, inviting plenty of natural light into the suites. But more importantly, the windows play the spatial tricks as in a cubism masterpiece; they increase the depth of field of the suite, so the result feels like having the lush green outdoors virtually within your apartment. 

One-, two- or three-bedroom suites starting from 1,200 sf are available with en-suite and enclosed kitchen. The suites are available in either contemporary and Eastern styles, with a choice of either light or dark-tone furniture - to suit your personal preference.

Home, and beyond

Taikoo Place Apartments and Pacific Place Apartments are situated in the vibrant districts of Quarry Bay and Admiralty, respectively. Where residents can work, play, shop, and dine in style amid ample natural greenery.

The 28-storey Taikoo Place Apartments are home to 111 suites, whereas the Pacific Place Apartments offer 270 suites. These genuinely premium properties represent the perfect environment for an extended life-refreshing experience with truly world-class facilities.

Emphasising healthy living, one of the many facilities Taikoo Place Apartments residents will enjoy is the Turkish Hammam-styled spa. Alongside the deluxe rain showers, Jacuzzi and steam rooms features, the larger spa, which featured heated chaises and a tranquil lounge, is ideal for group of friends, and the intimate spa is ideal for one or two people.

Pacific Place Apartments knows best when it comes to serving professional residents. The 24-7 multilingual concierge service means that all of your urgent ad-hoc arrangements will be taken care of in virtually no time. While the professional limousine service for city commutes and airport transfers will impress any residents and their guests. 

For those seeking inspired luxury living in the very heart of Hong Kong, you need look no further. Your beautiful new home beckons. 

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