Fine dining in Macau

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Reaching for the Stars

Known for world class shows and glitzy casinos, Melco Resorts & Entertainment has the dining swagger to match. Five of its restaurants have together scored seven stars in the just released Michelin Guide to Hong Kong and Macau 2018, including Jade Dragon and The Tasting Room that have kept the coveted two-star status.

PUBLISHED : Tuesday, 05 December, 2017, 9:35am
UPDATED : Tuesday, 05 December, 2017, 10:16am

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City of Dreams, together with its sister properties Studio City and Altira, feature a mouthwatering portfolio of dining establishments that can satisfy every whim, taste and budget. It boasts the highest concentration of Michelin starred restaurants in Macau, making it a destination also for gourmands from Hong Kong and Mainland China.

From traditional Chinese to international cuisines, these restaurants strive for authenticity as well as innovation. Plan a weekend to have a culinary tour of your dreams just a short ferry ride away.

Jade Dragon
Spectacularly Chinese (Michelin 2 stars 2018)

Be prepared to be in awe of Jade Dragon’s spectacular décor, custom painted furniture and artistic cutlery when you step into this Two Michelin- starred restaurant.  Coupled with superlative personalised service, Jade Dragon sets the benchmark high for fine dining. No wonder it is frequented by celebrities and has consistently received Michelin star status since 2013, only one year after it began operation.

Jade Dragon showcases culinary masterpieces created by Chef Tam Kwok Fung. The dishes are classic but Chef Tam goes the extra mile to find the best ingredients from around the world for an element of surprise.

Take the Roasted Peking Goose for example. Goose is used instead of duck for this world famous dish. From the open kitchen, diners can see the oven used for roasting, which uses lychee wood to give it extra aroma.

Chinese food is usually served for sharing but lone diners or couples may opt for a platter that allows them to have a taste of popular appetisers. With this you can sample the Peking Goose, as well as Signature Deep-fried Fine de Claire Oyster that uses sashimi grade Gillardeau oysters.

Cantonese barbecued meat is taken to new heights with the Jade Dragon Prime-Cut Barbecue Iberico Pork Pluma. It is unbelievably juicy and artfully cooked.

A typical Cantonese dinner will not be complete without soup. The Double-boiled Yunnan Organic Mushroom Soup with Fish Maw and Wild Bamboo Piths is a bowl of warmth and wholesome goodness.

While there are lots of premium ingredients from overseas, Chef Tam is adamant that the flavours remain Chinese in spirit. You can see this with desserts such as crème brulee with bird’s nest and hawthorn jelly candy, which perfectly round up a traditional feast.

The Tasting Room
The ultimate French experience (Michelin 2 stars 2018)

A visit to The Tasting Room, two Michelin-starred, is an invitation to an incredible journey with Chef Fabrice Vulin. Hailing from the pristine Hautes-Alps region, Chef Vulin holds the philosophy of “la cuisine du terroir” close to heart, letting the ingredients shine and striking the balance between flair and flavour.

Following a 30-year career at numerous Michelin- starred restaurants in France, Switzerland, Morocco and Hong Kong, Chef Vulin brings his interpretation of Haute Cuisine to The Tasting Room. His collection of Michelin guides over the century is displayed at the restaurant entrance, a testament to the chef’s respect for tradition and culinary excellence.

Through his network of exclusive produce suppliers and relationships with pioneer culinary artisans, Chef Vulin is able to procure some of the world’s rarest ingredients, such as Gillardeau oysters. This internationally renowned French oyster brand is named after the family famous for cultivating oysters. Gillardeau oysters are known for its plump and soft texture and centuries-old prestigious status in France.

He is able to get premium beef from Parisian master butcher Alexandre Polmard, who only butchers two animals per week and supplies only to four restaurants in the world.  The Tasting Room is the only one outside of France to receive a quarter of this supply, in addition to a precious stock of vintage beef that dates as far back as 1992.

Chef Vulin’s new signature dish is Le Homard Bleu de Bretagne. It is a real delight to the eyes and palate. Under the Brittany blue lobster carpaccio is a layer of lobster consommé jelly, a layer of lobster mousseline, shallots, chives, lemon, green apple and avocado. At the base is a thin slice of watermelon for a surprising fruity flavour. Kristal caviar, a producer with whom Chef Vulin works closely, is added on top for extra savoury complexity.

Shinji by Kanesaka
Omakase sushi (Michelin 1 star 2018)

Authentic Edomae-style sushi by top chef Shinji Kanesaka has wowed diners at City of Dreams since it opened in 2015. An extension of Chef Kanesaka's premium  sushi  specialist  in  Ginza, Tokyo, this restaurant introduces you to Japanese culture and omakase dining, meaning “I’ll let you decide”, as an expression of trust in the expertise of the chef.

The traditional, understated interior design of Shinji by Kanesaka denotes an exclusive, intimate experience. There are private rooms but you may opt to sit in the main dining room where you can see the chefs at work, marvel at their skills and ask them for recommendations.

Only the finest seasonal produce is selected to create the sashimi, nigiri and maki that showcase true creativity, insight and skills. Chef Kanesaka is one of Japan’s most celebrated sushi chefs and for over 20 years, he visits the Tsukiji Market every day to select the best seafood and fish, and has them flown out directly to Macau up to five times a week. During the winter, you are likely to taste the best fatty tuna and yellow tail.

Helmed by his protégé Toru Osumi, Shinji by Kanasaka impresses diners with the chefs’ superb technique, hand-making sushi from the freshest fish, rice cooked with spring water from Kagoshima and freshly grated wasabi. The sushi rice used at Shinji by Kanesaka comes from an exclusive rice farm and is seasoned with red vinegar in traditional Edomae style.

Lunch menu starts from MOP738 per head while dinner sets start at MOP1688. All seafood and fish are jet-fresh and only the choicest parts are used. For the ultimate experience that includes supremely tender abalone and uni rice with salmon roe, go for the ultimate Omakase Shin set at MOP2988.

Pearl Dragon
Luxurious Canton flair (Michelin 1 star 2018)

Michelin-starred Pearl Dragon at Studio City offers a refined taste of China complemented by an exquisite pearl-themed interior décor. Under Chef Lam Yuk Ming, the talented team takes great pain to craft a menu rich in provincial flavours. Alongside signature dishes featuring such delicacies as abalone and bird’s nest are innovative creations such as oven-smoked goose liver and pork parcel, and wok-seared wagyu cubes with black garlic.

Dim Sum is taken up a notch with premium ingredients. Steamed Lobster Dumpling with Lobster Broth is an upgrade from the familiar har gau, while Steamed Traditional Pork Dumpling with Abalone is the classic siu mai with a luxurious touch.

Chef Lam, trained in Cantonese cuisine, has spent over 10 years abroad where he was exposed to new ingredients which he incorporates into Pearl Dragon’s menu. Oven-smoked Parcel with Goose Liver and Honey Glazed Iberico Pork is a glorious example of his approach. Originally a poor man’s dish, in which people use goose liver to imitate chicken, Pearl Dragon’s version uses foie gras and Iberico pork to infuse not only a sense of luxe but also enriched flavours into this old-time favourite.

Braised Wagyu Beef Cheek with Figs in Port Wine Sauce is incredibly rich, tender and a call back to Macau’s heritage.

The flavours are classic but the presentation is anything but. Roasted Minced Goose in Soybean Sauce served with Lettuce comes in spoons made from fried bean curd sheet. A playful creation that tastes just as good.

The menu is changed regularly to incorporate seasonal favourites such as game and hotpot rice in the winter.

New dimensions of classic Cantonese cuisine (Michelin 1 star 2018)

The first clue that Ying is not the typical Cantonese restaurant is in its décor: thick red carpet underfoot, lavish gold draperies and fine bone china pave the way for a time-less dining experience that is a generous cut above. Ying was one of last year’s new entrants to the Michelin Guide, housed inside Altira Macau, which was awarded one star. In the 2018 guide, Ying has once again received the one-star distinction, no doubt a result of its combination of perfected Cantonese recipes in a visually stunning dining room. Ying updates techniques of traditional Chinese dishes and ingredients, and finishes them with modern presentation. Its deep-fried crab meat and pork puffs is a good example – it is so sophisticated and simply too time-consuming for other restaurant to offer. Almost like a Chinese version of ravioli, the filling of lean pork, crab meat, and shrimp mixed with mushrooms, crab roe, and coriander is stuffed between sheets of pork fat, the deep-fried to a delectable crispiness. Finding original ways to make use of traditional Cantonese ingredients is an expression of Ying’s philosophy of uniting old and new.