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Finest Scotch Whisky

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Chivas Regal

Quintessential luxury – Chivas Regal The Icon

Chivas Regal’s century-long heritage of premium Scotch whisky blending culminates with Chivas Regal The Icon.

PUBLISHED : Friday, 18 December, 2015, 9:50am
UPDATED : Friday, 18 December, 2015, 9:50am


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A select group of Hong Kong premium Scotch whisky aficionados were enthralled in their intimate sensorial discovery of Chivas Regal The Icon, the newest ultra-prestige whisky from the maker of the world’s first luxury whisky.

A four-day experiential event immersed selected VIPs in the palpable luxury and exclusivity at The House of Chivas Regal at Foxglove in early December. In a setting evoking a cross between 1950s’ speakeasy and contemporary gentleman’s club, the VIPs savoured the distinctive smoothness of Chivas Regal The Icon, while basking in the craft, luxury, and artistry embodied by Chivas Regal’s heritage and history.

On December 1, VIPs were greeted by attentive butlers and then escorted into the House of Chivas Regal. Their discovery journey began as each received a personalised key before being shown into the library where they enjoyed an amuse bouche cocktail while exploring the design evolution of the Chivas Regal bottle from 1920 to 2015.

What awaited the guests at the salon further elevated the feel of opulence. The butlers presented the guests with a visual presentation of three expertly selected cocktail flavour profiles: passion fruit; raspberry; and ginger. Guests’ flavour selections were then turned into one of a series of cocktails called The Artist Special, The Starboard Light and The Penicillin, all with the highlights of the Chivas Regal range. The evening’s first climax was the customisation of each guest’s experience at The House of Chivas: each guest used his/ her personalised key to uncover carefully selected accompaniments for their chosen cocktails.

The fabulous cocktails mellowed the guests’ mood for the majestic glory unique to the finest whisky – Chivas Regal The Icon. VIPs were invited to the drawing room to witness the Hong Kong debut of the magnificent Chivas Regal The Icon which radiated splendour in its Dartington crystal decanter. The exclusive viewing was followed by a sumptuous meal.

Serenaded by a violin soloist, Chivas Regal’s Master Blender Colin Scott joined the VIPs and introduced to them the Chivas Regal The Icon luxuriously in a bell jar ritual, assisted by the butlers. While tasting the ultimate Scotch whisky, the VIPs were given a master class by Mr Scott who explained why Chivas Regal The Icon is the perfect embodiment of craftsmanship and tradition curated through the unparalleled expertise of a master blender. This ultra-prestige Scotch whisky is an exceptionally smooth blend of highly coveted whiskies from more than 20 distilleries across Scotland, including some rare whiskies from distilleries that are no longer in use. Mr Scott told the exclusive gathering, “Chivas Regal The Icon is a truly exquisite blend – perfectly smooth with an intense concentration of sumptuous flavours that develop into an exceptionally long, lingering finish. I am proud to present this luxurious expression of the Chivas Regal house style in Hong Kong, offering our guests a unique immersive glimpse into the world of Chivas Regal.”

Chivas Regal The Icon is in limited release in Hong Kong at a retail price of HK$28,800 per bottle through private order only. Limited quantities are also available at DFS in the Hong Kong International Airport.

Launched in 1909, Chivas Regal is the world’s first luxury whisky. It is considered a timeless classic for its benchmark quality and taste, style, substance and exclusivity. Chivas Regal has been integral to the global popularity of the Scotch whisky category and sells 4.5 million 9L cases annually in more than 150 countries.