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An elevated experience in health and wellness

Your annual body checkup can be a relaxing morning getaway at Matilda International Hospital (MIH)’s new health assessment department where your health is taken care of in tranquil, elegant surrounds.

PUBLISHED : Monday, 27 July, 2015, 9:45am
UPDATED : Monday, 27 July, 2015, 9:45am

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Decorated with pops of colours, stylish furniture and delightful wall art, MIH’s newly expanded health assessment department  looks more like a modern luxury hotel than a hospital. According to Acting Chief Executive Officer Linda Burgoyne, the idea is to make clients feel comfortable while receiving their health checks and reduce the anxiety that usually comes on such occasions.

MIH started with consulting its existing clients on what they looked for when going for health checks, then designed individual rooms that allowed them to work or relax in, with a decor that felt less medical. The newly unveiled facility now incorporates these elements, while also taking into account practical issues such as client flow and equipment needs.  Clients receive all tests and consultation within the facility except for imaging procedures.

Client focus, relaxing ambiance

The new, 4,700 sq ft health assessment department is situated on a high floor at the hospital building on the Peak, with advanced test facilities, 10 private consultation rooms and individual suites that overlook lush greenery and the South China Sea. MIH takes advantage of its high ceiling by installing large windows for the suites. The spaciousness, stunning view together with the hotel-like ambiance help to put clients’ minds at ease.

A holistic approach to wellness

“We make sure that each client understands their test results, give them tools to act on issues that require attention and follow up in a timely manner,” said Ms Burgoyne. The health assessment department comprises a cross- functional team of medical and allied health practitioners so a comprehensive assessment can be given to clients that include exercise and dietary advice.

Most things in medicine are doctor-driven but for the health assessment department we want to make it as client-focused as possible, because people who visit are well. We want them to come here with a smile when they see the tastefully decorated rooms and the spectacular view.
Linda Burgoyne
Acting Chief Executive Officer

MIH is particularly interested in promoting a holistic approach to wellness and sees the need for Hong Kong people to de-stress. She added, “We look at each individual client and try to find out what they need because different personalities require different ways to deal with stress.”

Analyse health for corporations

On the corporate level, MIH advises companies on ways to better look after their employees based on results gathered from aggregate staff health assessment report, and sees a strong commitment among its corporate clients in keeping their staff healthy through preventive care, education and early detection.

Ms Burgoyne said, “The human resource specialists we work with recognise that investments in wellness will reduce unproductive cost outlay due to medical costs and absenteeism. In addition, MIH also helps companies adapt their worldwide health policies to suit the needs of Hong Kong and bring the hospital’s services up-to-date with international developments.”