The Right Mix for Every Shower Experience: Thanks to GROHE's New Euphoria SmartControl Shower System

•    Multi-jet shower head for more showering comfort
•    Intuitive push and turn control unit in minimalist design
•    Large variety of combinations at the highest level

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Triple the Shower Fun
GROHE Euphoria SmartControl is brimming with “Made in Germany” technology and quality that feature multi-jet shower heads. The smart shower system’s centrepiece is the combined, front-mounted push and turn control unit. Unique pictograms called GROHE EasyLogic provide intuitive operation. The knobs can regulate the amount of water, depending on one’s individual mood, from a gentle shower to a vigorous refreshment. By pushing a button, the spray types can be selected. The first button, for example, activates the Euphoria handshower or the Euphoria Cube stick, offering maximum flexibility so that the water can be directed exactly where it is needed. The button in the middle provides full SmartControl power. Thanks to the new ActiveRain jet version, one can select a powerful jet spray that flushes out the shampoo or that massages away everyday life stress. The third button with its gentle PureRain spray offers a shower experience of ultimate relaxation. After switching off the water, the system automatically saves the selected flow rate until the next shower. In addition to the Rainshower 310 SmartActive shower head, the GROHE Euphoria SmartControl shower system is also available with the multi-jet Euphoria 260 head shower. Three types of sprays can be selected manually by using the innovative button in the middle of the shower head’s plate – a powerful jet spray, the invigorating SmartRain jet spray and a full rain jet spray that brings the relaxing feeling of a gentle summer rain.
An added bonus: Thanks to GROHE QuickFix, individual adjustments can be made to the upper bracket of both models which makes drilling of additional holes unnecessary. It is also possible to swing the arm of the head shower 180 degrees. Thanks to the GROHE CoolTouch technology, the chrome surface of the control unit does not get too hot. And the GROHTERM SmartControl thermostat with GROHE TurboStat technology ensures the highest precision in temperature regulation.

Minimalist Design – Clear and Comprehensible
The new GROHE Euphoria SmartControl model for surface-mounted installation is operated by a self-explanatory control unit using push and turn technology and featuring a very slim, minimalist design with compact dimensions. Especially in smaller bathrooms, elements such as these offer more comfort and an increased feel-good factor. Compared to the existing surface-mounted SmartControl solutions this is an even slimmer version. Lovers of a sophisticated design will get excited about the GROHE Euphoria SmartControl shower system: The generously sized 310mm shower head is available in a round and in a square design. With the high-gloss and durable GROHE StarLight chrome finish or the elegant MoonWhite acrylic glass, the material can be perfectly matched into any modern bathroom. At the same time, the GROHE EasyReach shower shelf provides a convenient storage solution for shampoo and body wash.

GROHE Blue Pure: Integrated Filters for Safe and Tasty Water Worldwide – Directly from the Faucet

●    GROHE Blue Pure filter faucets for pure, tasty drinking water
●    Different filter options for various water qualities worldwide
●    Three design lines combining taste, convenience and safety in the kitchen

GROHE Blue Pure with High-Performance Filter Technology for All Requirements
The GROHE Blue Pure filter faucets feature state-of-the-art filter technology, provided by the BWT brand. They are available in two different versions and ensure maximum taste and safety directly from the faucet. The activated carbon filter significantly improves the taste and removes chlorine, biocides and pesticides from the water. Compared to the activated carbon filter, the Ultrasafe version also eliminates bacteria, which makes water safe to drink that usually would not be drinkable in regions with poor water quality. The activated carbon filter version will display due filter changes based on the operating time. For the Ultrasafe version, the actual amount of water consumption will indicate any necessary filter changes in order to guarantee the highest level of safety. GROHE Blue Pure allows unrestricted use of tap water provided from official utility suppliers and transforms it into filtered, tasty drinking water that can be used in any kitchen for all types of applications without any restrictions. 

GROHE Blue Pure for the Kitchen – Full of Taste Combined with Design and Function
GROHE Blue Pure is a great choice for anyone who values filtered water in the kitchen or who depends on it for reasons of inadequate water quality. Without sacrificing the functionality and look of a modern kitchen faucet, GROHE Blue Pure is available as a duo version in the three popular BauEdge, Eurosmart and Minta design lines, while the Minta version features a pull-out spout, providing extra convenience. In addition to the duo version of GROHE Blue Pure, which has two separate waterways and outlets for filtered and unfiltered water, GROHE also offers a mono version. Both options guarantee maximum taste, hygiene and safety and the need for bottled water, whether for reasons of habit or inadequate water quality, becomes a thing of the past. A positive side effect: While the production of one litre of water in plastic bottles requires up to seven litres of water , GROHE Blue Pure works with just the actual water that is being used.

GROHE Blue Pure in the Bathroom Turns the Faucet into a Natural Source of Pure Water 
During the ISH, the world’s leading trade fair focussing on the responsible management of water and energy in buildings in Frankfurt am Main, Germany, GROHE will also present GROHE Blue Pure as a concept for the bathroom. Depending on the region, tap water cannot be used for everyday use in the bathroom, such as oral hygiene due to hygiene and health reasons. Often the only alternative is bottled water in plastic bottles; making any type of straightforward and intuitive bath routine hardly possible. With the use of GROHE Blue Pure in the bathroom, the faucet turns into a natural source of pure, clean drinking water that can be safely and conveniently used. GROHE Blue Pure will be presented to trade fair visitors in the popular design lines BauEdge, Essence and Eurosmart, making the filter faucet equally interesting for both residential and project business customers, as it fits seamlessly into the modern look of contemporary bathrooms and can be used regardless of the available water quality worldwide. Thus, it offers a significant added value in terms of convenience and safety in the bathroom and, in regions with inadequate water quality, exciting opportunities for project planners, such as in the hotel industry. 

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