House 1929 artistic high jewellery

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House 1929

House 1929 takes high jewellery to a new realm

New high jewellery brand House 1929 pioneers a unique approach to exclusivity with its one-of-a-kind pieces showcasing world-class design and exquisite craftsmanship.

PUBLISHED : Wednesday, 23 May, 2018, 12:05am
UPDATED : Wednesday, 23 May, 2018, 6:07pm

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Creativity and rarity

House 1929 offers artistic jewellery crafted from eclectic inspirations which evoke mesmerising journeys of imagination . Each piece is designed as a wearable art for the delectable taste of jewellery enthusiasts. The brand offers bespoke service catering exclusively to super VIPs and invite-only clients through private one-on-one appointments, ensuring the utmost exclusivity and privacy to connoisseurs.

A Moroccan reverie

The first high jewellery collection presented by House 1929 takes inspiration from Morocco in a reverie. Entitled ‘Mosäique de Rêverie’ , each piece has been exquisitely crafted and designed as one-and-only.  Redolent with intoxicating arabesque and Persian architectural aesthetics, the collection unlocks the mystique voyage of spirituality in mosaic, enlightening the artistic pilgrimage with a mere reverie.

“It is through dreaming that one can truly expand the imagination boundlessly. It has been the source of inspiration for centuries, millennia even, allowing a playground for creative expression. Mosäique de Rêverie celebrates the intoxicating allure of reveries, taking the wearer on to a fantastical journey through Morocco, a place brimming with colours, stunning architecture and rich cultural heritage where its mosaic and mystique conjure up an artistic experience for the mind and soul.”

The collection features 13 superlative sets of eminently collectable jewellery. Ten sets will be available for auction in November. One set will be considered for auction upon request, and two sets with rare preeminent quality precious gemstones will be listed as museum pieces for exhibition only.

Spirituality in blue

The Moroccan reverie starts at Chefchaouen, the magical ‘blue city’ perched amid the epic Rif Mountains in the northwest.  Awash in hues of blue, the mesmerising landscape and ethereal atmosphere of the city offer a calming respite from the frenzy of the urban bustle.

Paying tribute to the ‘blue city’ is the captivating Prières en Bleu series featuring sapphire, tanzanite and lapis lazuli in a gradient of blue with brilliant diamonds suggestive of luminous white clouds. Striking multi-pointed star motifs redolent of hypnotic Moroccan-style mosaic patterns in deliberate layers allude to divine light. On the show-stopping necklace, which can also be worn as a headpiece to instil an exotic sense of spirituality, a resplendent 16.86-carat tanzanite serves as the main stone.  The set also comes with matching bangle, earrings and ring.

A romantic interlude

The Moroccan reverie continues at Casablanca, the modern charismatic port capital where French-colonial romanticism melds with traditional Moroccan aesthetics. The urban sophistication of the city traverses the present and the past, from the stunning art deco architecture to the ancient monuments, inspiring the creation of Le Charme de la Romance.

This alluring series features a palette of deliberately homogenous pastel tones, highlighted by lavender jades – a first for High Jewellery collections –  rhodolite garnets, iridescent abalone shells and tourmalines.  Juxtaposing their soft and delicate glow are translucent diamonds and icy jades. The fabulous gems, cut in shapes ranging from cabochon to rose cut, are skilfully set in mosaic patterns reflecting traditional Moroccan architecture to present a vivid dream of timeless glamour and grace.  The set comprises a necklace with an elegant silhouette evocative of pointed arches and the tender heart, earrings and ring.

Red passion

The Moroccan reverie makes a stop at Marrakesh, the jewel of Morocco nestled like an enchanting pink gem at the base of the spectacular snow-capped Atlas Mountains located at the edge of the Sahara desert. Fondly referred to as the ‘red city’ for its red baked-mud medina palaces and teeming souks cradled by a powder-pink ring of ramparts, Marrakesh’s mysterious alleyways swirling in a maze of red passion inspired the spectacular Labyrinthe en Rouge series.

This world of fantasy is celebrated in a symphony of rubies, rhodolite garnets, almandine garnets, spessartine garnets and rubellites. The stunning necklace features a 21.23-carat rubellite main stone above a veil-like design, while the design motifs evoke the play of light and shadow of traditional Moroccan lanterns, igniting a sense of wonder.

In a design innovation, two jewelled strands radiate from the centre to drape pendulously over the shoulders and arms, adding visual impact and conjuring up images of a dreamy walk through the exotic souk. A bangle, ring and earrings complete the set.