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House of Cards 4

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House of Cards Season 4 at now TV

PUBLISHED : Tuesday, 15 March, 2016, 9:59am
UPDATED : Tuesday, 15 March, 2016, 9:59am


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The gripping, multiple-awards winning TV series “House of Cards” is now on RTL CBS Entertainment now TV ch. 517 every Tuesday. Season 4 of the riveting, critically-acclaimed political drama promises to keep audiences on the edge of the seats, or bristling with rage, as they watch unscrupulous Frank Underwood do all kinds of “unpleasant but necessary things” in his quest for power.

Starring Academy Award and Golden Globe winners Kelvin Spacey and Robin Wright, “House of Cards” revolves around Frank Underwood (Spacey), a Democrat from South Carolina, who initiates an elaborate plan to get himself into a position of greater power with assistance from his wife, Claire (Wright). The series was created by Academy Award nominated writer Beau Willimon, based on a popular British television series.

Premiering in 2013, the American web television drama series has to date received dozens of Primetime Emmy Award nominations, including Outstanding Lead Actor (Spacey), Outstanding Lead Actress (Wright), and Outstanding Drama Series.

Get ready for the brand new season of “House of Cards”. Starting from tonight, you can watch the 13-episode series every Tuesday at 9:55 pm on RTL CBS Entertainment (now TV ch. 517), as well as on now TV on demand service.

Returning for a fourth season, Frank and Claire continue their pursuit for power, battling everyone in their way. However, all is not simple or blissful for the power-mad couple, leading up to a possible War of the Underwoods this time around. Claire is getting her own sidekick as she prepares to declare war on her husband. On the other hand, being the trustworthy aide of Frank, will Doug Stamper (Michael Kelly) stay loyal to his mentor, or will he switch sides?

People must be careful with their choice of partners, especially when politics is involved. The finale of Season 3 revealed that Claire had decided to leave Frank after a series of events that put their marriage in jeopardy. Just how Frank will react to the fact that his wife Claire is leaving him and perhaps compromising his campaign in more than one way are two major elements this season.

In addition, “House of Cards” 4 continues the tradition of the series with adding new characters, many of them performed by celebrated artists. Returning stars include Mahershala Ali, Jayne Atkinson, Derek Cecil, Nathan Darrow, Kim Dickens, and Elizabeth Marvel, just to name a few.

New faces joining the cast include Neve Campbell, the Scream star who plays Leann Harvey, an ambitious political strategist who works closely with the Underwoods, while Academy Award-winner Ellen Burstyn takes on the role as Claire’s mother, Elizabeth Hale, and revered actress Cicely Tyson plays the Texan Congresswoman, Doris Jones.