A Journey of love

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A traceable journey of precious T MARK diamonds inspired by a passage love

PUBLISHED : Tuesday, 20 November, 2018, 12:12pm
UPDATED : Tuesday, 20 November, 2018, 12:12pm

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Like the world’s most romantic Tunnel of Love with its fascinating history, T MARK’s exquisite diamonds can be traced from sourcing to production, making them the perfect tokens to celebration the journey of love.

An enchanting leafy tunnel straight out of a fairytale

Take a stroll with your lover through a track of green arches carved by decades of journeys, then make a wish upon a ribbon knot for everlasting love.

Kiev’s Tunnel of Love in Ukraine offers picturesque beauty and romantic appeal that resonates with couples. This 5km scenic passage is regarded as one of “The 22 Must-see Spots in one’s Lifetime”, yet its legacy is just as intriguing.

A former railway track built for a plywood factory in the 1870s, the formation of this green archway and tunnel is the result of decades of train passings. The density of trees later provided the perfect disguise for a Soviet military base during the height of the Cold War.

As the turn of the century brought peace and harmony, it also breathed new significance to the tunnel. Attracting couples from around the world to pray for eternal love and to pop the question, lovers bind their promises to a ribbon knot tied to one of the many trees. From the number of ribbons, the posts on Instagram containing #tunneloflove and the thousands of geotags in Klevan, Ukraine, this scenic passage is now a location decidedly synonymous with trust and love.

T MARK symbolises love, trust, truth and traceability

Over time, the Tunnel of Love has evolved into a lovers’ passage. Time has not hidden its story but made it even more impressive and intriguing. The same can be said about T MARK diamonds. Every T MARK tells a story of the diamond it represents, and archives every step of the diamond’s journey.

From the moment the diamond was mined, every process is clearly recorded: its cutting, polishing, marking, authentication and setting process. Everything is traceable and retrievable through the unique T MARK code with data that can be downloaded from the brand’s mobile app.

Commemorate the special moments in your life with a T MARK diamond. Treasure the truthful story of its journey which is as traceable as the passage of your love.

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