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Inspiration from the experts, interior design trends to try out in your home

Luxury retailer showcases its state-of-the-art audio-video equipment and hi-tech lighting solutions for Hong Kong homes

PUBLISHED : Monday, 17 October, 2016, 9:29am
UPDATED : Thursday, 20 October, 2016, 9:51am

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Whether you’re planning to remodel an interior, setting up a new home, or about to install the latest smart lighting or home entertainment video and audio equipment, Your Premier Home Edit Showcase at Lane Crawford Pacific Place Home Store is the place to visit during the month of October.

No matter if you are styling a room or your entire home, understanding the vision and ideas, and then the methods used by top designers can be key to making your own home even more comfortable and fabulous.  To showcase and define the latest trends in home interior design, for the month-long Your Premier Home Edit Showcase, HKT Premier and Lane Crawford have teamed up with Antony Chan, founder and creative director of award-winning architecture and interior design firm Cream to design of living room décor, which includes selected home automation solutions powered by HKT Premier.

Featuring state-of-the-art audio and video, lighting solutions and inspired décor ideas, Your Premier Home Edit Showcase is sure to spark the imagination with products and inspiration that homemakers are looking for. Take for example the ever-advancing choice of audio and video technological innovations. These days, the latest Wi-Fi connected, fully automated home theater featuring high-quality audio and high-resolution picture quality have the capability to take the home cinematic experience to the next level.

For those looking for an immersive home theater experience, the classic Bang & Olufsen BeoVision 11, which can be partnered with as many as 10 external speakers, can decode every surround sound system variant, and upmix or downmix it depending on the speaker configuration being used. As expected with any top-of-the-range TV system, the Bang & Olufsen BeoVision 11 features multimedia playback from USB and networked DLNA devices, plus an online platform for streamed content. The system also carries built-in Wi-Fi to make using the network features as convenient as possible.

With lighting in the home no longer just about illumination, Your Premier Home Edit Showcase is the ideal place to discover how the clever use of lighting can enhance characterisation in design as well as living space. Because of advances in technology, particularly LED (light-emitting diode), there are wide choices of lighting solutions available in a range of sizes styles and functions to suite any type of home. Furthermore, as part of a complete home automation system, a smartphone with a mobile app can be used to adjust dimmer controls, preset lighting schedules to give the impression someone is at home or simply to set the mood for a relaxing dinner party, or create a cinema lighting effect while you and your family immerse yourselves in a movie.

For homemakers looking to opening up fixed borders between rooms, a wall is no longer a wall when smart partitions are used to improve light-flow, create an impression of openness while retaining a sense of separation and allow adjoining spaces to temporarily borrow from each other, increasing versatility. The distinct and modern design trend of replacing partition walls with smart partition not only creates space saving layouts it adds a refreshing way to change design style.

By fitting the appropriate smart partition, privacy issues can be solved by the flick of a switch or the touch of an app, which transforms the smart partition from clear to opaque, the ultimate yin and yang of home environment control.  Meanwhile, as app development and integrated home appliances widen the scope of lifestyle enhancement features, HKT Premier Home Solutions provides customers with individually tailored solutions which are synonymous with convenience, enjoyment, efficiency and security.