The quintessence of French beauty

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Hong Kong stars reveal that the elixir of beauty is more than skin deep - Beauté à la française

PUBLISHED : Friday, 20 July, 2018, 3:52pm
UPDATED : Friday, 20 July, 2018, 3:52pm

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Their luminous beauty and absolute femininity evoke the Beauté à la française of French women, with their amazing skin and air of effortless elegance.  This “Beauté à la française”, as captured in Lancôme’s Absolue Collection which combines rare and precious Lancôme Rose with a regenerative power, reveals the absolute femininity of a woman at any time and age.  Both Teresa and Louisa, two elegant and attractive women aptly embody this concept with their ageless beauty and their philosophy of life.

Teresa Mo: “Beauté à la française” is to reveal your emotion confidently and elegantly

The charismatic Teresa Mo has been wowing audiences since the 1970s; with her dedication to the movie industry and acting skills honed over the decades finally winning for her the Best Actress award with “Tomorrow is Another Day” at the 37th Hong Kong Film Awards. The authentic emotions revealed confidently and elegantly in the award-winning movie and other works, are a key to her success both in front of and behind the cameras.  She also believes that natural expressions are essential in connecting the soul and the role and that her passion, brightness and frankness have endeared her to both her peers and fans.

With a busy life, Teresa still finds time to take care of her skin.  “It’s important to live a balanced life, where rest, exercise, sleep and water intake are paramount. For skincare, I enjoy using premium lines such as Lancôme Absolue L’Extrait Collection. The textures are so comfortable that I’m convinced that I will become more beautiful day by day!  Even though I am getting older, I don’t have to hide and can laugh heartily,” she said. “I especially love the L’Extrait Eye Cream because the automatic rolling design of the tool is ingenious. Before coming to this photoshoot, I also tried the L’Extrait Eye Mask. I’m happy that my makeup artist said the lines around my eyes were diminished. I can remain confident even shooting a close-up!”

Louisa So: Embrace your dream. Live with desire and belief. This is “Beauté à la française”

Not taking the easy road is a belief that Louisa So lives by.  The indefatigable screen star and thespian has spent her life searching for her “ideal” drama performance and readily admits that it is never easy to produce one in Hong Kong.  But she perseveres in her quest and desire to dream. “When we challenge ourselves, we can discover and extend our potential. We must be focused and enthusiastic about everything that we do. Dare to do what others don’t. In this way, we will be able to show our unique charisma.” it is also the core value of Lancôme too.

When it comes to beauty, Louisa believes that the quest for excellence reveals true beauty and being onstage exudes aesthetic attractiveness. Nevertheless, she has continuously been praised for her youthful beauty. “I believe that women show their beauty at all stages of life. But of course, skincare is also essential.” Louisa said she has been quite satisfied with her skincare products until she was introduced to Lancôme Absolue L’Extrait.  She found the delicate rose scent indulging, and the product melt into her skin quickly to plump it. And just a bottle is good enough to fulfil all her desires.

An absolutely luxurious skincare experience

For the two Hong Kong leading ladies, it is evident that the elixir of beauty comes from within.  With a boost from Lancôme Absolue L’Extrait products which offer a legendary regenerating journey and bring new life to their skin with the powerful Lancôme Rose, they radiate the “Beauté à la française” that their French peers are renowned for.  One of the must-haves among the Gallic beauties is L’Extrait Elixir, a “legendary Crème” that contains up to two million Lancôme Rose native cells in one jar to stimulate the regenerating potential of the cells in the dermis and create the perfect skin.

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