In the realm of the sublime

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In the realm of the sublime

Timelessly elegant, exceptionally rare and impeccably crafted, Graff’s fabulous jewels scintillate with unrivalled beauty. Revel in their magnificence from dawn to dusk. Be audacious and brighten up your wardrobe with these extraordinary pieces.

PUBLISHED : Friday, 03 November, 2017, 12:00am
UPDATED : Friday, 03 November, 2017, 12:00am

[Brought to you by: Graff]

GRAFF pearshape diamond earrings, featuring a 10.20 carat and a 10.06 carat pearshape diamond, total diamonds 31.06 carats

GRAFF multishape diamond necklace, total diamonds 74.86 carats

GRAFF multishape diamond leaf motif bangle, total diamonds 14.63 carats

GRAFF 23.43 carat round diamond ring

All from Graff

(from Celine: dress, Theory: White blouse, Salvatore Ferragamo: Leather jacket)

GRAFF Briolette Collection multishape diamond earrings, Total diamonds 91.91 carats

GRAFF multishape sapphire and diamond necklace, total sapphires 58.87 carats, total diamonds 59.11 carats

GRAFF Princess Butterfly sapphire and diamond watch, total sapphires 15.19 carats, total diamonds 2.20 carats

All from Graff

(from Burberry: Blue dress, Salvatore Ferragamo: Quilted coat)


GRAFF multishape diamond earrings, featuring a 18.18 carat and a 18.15 carat pearshape diamond, total diamonds 45.05 carats

GRAFF multishape diamond necklace featuring a 33.81 cushion cut yellow diamond, total diamonds 75.61 carats

GRAFF 10.49 carat oval yellow diamond ring

All from Graff

(from Salvatore Ferragamo: Leather turtleneck, Celine: Blazer)

Art Direction and Styling: Tasha Ling
Photography: Ricky Lo
Hair: Zap Tang
Makeup: Gabbie Lee
Nail Technician: Pinky Lee
Model: Ivana from Synergy Models