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Stay stylish with Miele

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An ultra clean look with pops of whites

Fashion lovers can now have a style assistant at home, in the form of Miele’s W1 TwinDos washing machine that keeps every piece of clothing fresh and pristine after every wash.

PUBLISHED : Thursday, 24 December, 2015, 11:41am
UPDATED : Thursday, 24 December, 2015, 11:41am


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Everyone has a favourite white shirt, pair of washed denim or coloured cardigan that they wish could last forever. But the problem with these go-to, staple pieces is that they are worn so often that they deteriorate fast. For fashionistas who are quality and image conscious, but also environmentally aware, Miele’s TwinDos technology is offering a smart solution to this predicament. 

Exclusively featured in Miele’s W1 TwinDos range of washing machines, TwinDos is a revolutionary laundry system that combines quality laundry care with ultimate convenience. It enables the appliance to automatically dispense optimum amount of detergents for the wash. Simply dose your load into the machine and it will sense the wash load and decide the right times to dispense the detergents for the best cleaning results.

The point of doing laundry is obviously to clean our garments, but we also want our clothes to come out as good as new, with the original colours preserved as much as possible. Normally we have to consider the type of textile, quantity of laundry and degree of soiling before pushing any buttons but the highly evolved TwinDos technology is able to achieve this precarious balance without the user having to decide the power cycle and amount of detergent. All is done with extreme ease.

Preserving whites and colours

Most of us have a few white shirts in our wardrobe. We either love them or need them. However, they are notoriously hard to preserve and can barely last a season or two. Now TwinDos might just provide the solution if you have ever lamented the fast greying of a favourite white shirt. This is made possible by the tailor-made Miele 2-Phase detergent – UltraPhase 1 and 2 –  that is dispensed separately during the wash.

It is a mini chemistry laboratory at work every time you wash your clothes with W1 TwinDos machines. Five powerful active enzymes in UltraPhase 1 bring excellent cleaning performance with a colour protection formula. Next, UltraPhase 2 with bleaching agent is specifically formulated to tackle even more stubborn stains. You can now freely wine and dine in your favourite whites without fearing a fateful spill.

The magic lies in UltraPhase 2, which acts like a bleaching agent and ensures the clothes come out sparkly white and blemish-free. Other detergents cannot wash whites as thoroughly because they cannot contain any bleach, which would neutralise enzymes in the traditional detergent. However, Miele’s UltraPhase 1 and 2 are stored and dispensed separately to make it possible to add bleach to the system. As for coloured clothing, the system automatically reduces the amount of UltraPhase 2 used, while the detergent’s colour locking formula works to preserve their radiance.

Caring for the environment

A good design today is not complete without consideration for the environment. Typically we tend to over-use detergents because it is difficult to manually dispense the right amount for every wash, but too much detergent means extra washing time and electricity consumption. This will not be an issue with TwinDos’ automatic dispensing feature, which has been certified by the German ecological institute Öko Institute e.V. to be able to achieve a potential 30% saving in detergent.

Free detergent for a year with W1 TwinDos washing machine purchase

TwinDos technology is an amalgamation of innovation, meticulous research and top-notch design, something fashion lovers can surely appreciate. To those who wish to start experiencing TwinDo’s new cleaning style, Miele is now offering a special promotion. From now until 29 February, 2016, purchase any W1 TwinDos washing machine to receive 6 complimentary UltraPhase 1 and 4 UltraPhase 2 (equivalent to HK$2,000), enough supply to wash a family’s laundry for a year.

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