Featuring a whole new dimension, the new Samsung Galaxy Z Flip changes the way people use a smartphone.

Next-generation, feature-packed smartphone in your pocket

Flip opening a whole new smartphone experience

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Compact enough to fit in a chest patch pocket; game-changing Samsung Galaxy Z Flip offers a seamless business and leisure mobile tool that’s better than anything else on the market.

As an indispensable device for people to connect with each other, to get their finance and work organised whilst on the go, and to stay informed about current events, smartphones have been ever-changing. Naturally, different people may have very different needs and requirements about what they want in their phones. There are reasons why the outstanding Samsung Galaxy Z Flip has been winning admirers since its recent unveiling.

It simply signals the ushering in of an entirely new smartphone era.

Imagine this: You reach down to fetch your pocket-size Samsung Galaxy Z Flip. Note the way that it rests deeper in your pocket, offering an added sense of security. And in your palm, this highly anticipated smartphone is a beauty to behold. You notice from the cover screen the time, and the incoming message alert. The cover screen alone provides as much information as you require before you even open the device.

Then flip open the phone; a new dimension is revealed. The shiny new phone offers a dazzling 6.7-inch screen with hardly any bezel — making it a great choice for movies and gaming. Still, you cannot help but appreciate that the ultra-thin glass surface is indeed a beauty, both its striking aesthetic beauty and its superb engineering. It looks great and even feels great in your hand.


Sheltered in quality metal and secured beneath the folding glass surface is the latest development of Samsung's 'meaningful' innovation. The Galaxy Z Flip offers flagship-level performance, supporting multi-active windows — a big plus in the modern world of multi-tasking, and exceptionally satisfying when checking your social media posts and feeds, as well as enjoying your favourite videos from a range of platforms, across windows.

The phone boasts a sophisticated multi-stop hinge system and an ultra-thin glass surface.

The latest Samsung smartphone allows users to do more, with ever greater ease. Samsung has accomplished this quality thanks to its custom-built user interface, which is intuitive to use with the home screen, apps, setting menu, notification panel, and other features being made easily accessible. Its user interface offers a smartphone experience so seamless that you might well imagine the Galaxy Z Flip knows what you want even before you do.

Yet, the Galaxy Z Flip's innovative design and engineering means more than top-notch interface. Thanks to the phone's flex mode, in conjunction with the Google Duo App, the phone allows users to enjoy a whole new video conferencing experience, with the upper part of the phone as a proper screen, while the screen’s lower portion is the control panel. Instant Tabletop video conferences have never been more straightforward.

And it is with video conferencing that this statement smartphone stands apart from all its competitors. The device rests on the desk securely and, thanks to one of the most significant engineering traits ever achieved in a smartphone, the folding display can be angled in three designated degrees— fitting the users’ most exacting needs in any situation.

The cover display offers information such as time and message alerts. Users can take a selfie without opening the phone.

It must be added that Galaxy Z Flip's folding mechanism is itself an engineering achievement. The sophisticated hideaway hinges and the presence of tiny fibres prevent particles from getting into the phone's interior. It’s no exaggeration to state that this phone is indeed a precision tool.


The mechanism allows people to take a selfie hands-free, with the degree of flexibility never experienced before, and with the assurance of the phone being on a sound footing. It pushes the boundary of what's possible with a smartphone.

Talking of photography, you also know that the phone is equipped with one of the most powerful camera systems in the market. This system is capable of taking professional-grade images appropriate for stunning brochures, photographic case studies, and world-class video files.

The Samsung Galaxy Z Flip is available in two body colours, Mirror Purple and Mirror Black.

It is now the end of a day's hard work, and yet you happily notice that the all-day battery is still going strong. And if re-charging is needed, wireless or cabled charging compatibility offers excellent convenience.


You remember the last time you struggled with the new Samsung Galaxy Z Flip in hand, and it was the time you had to make the colour choice decision. The Mirror Black seems the more versatile choice, you thought. But you also like the dynamic and glittering Mirror Purple. The latter gifts you with a stunning spectrum of colours that then enchantingly change under different lighting.

By the time you go out for a late evening jog, you may lust after the special Thom Browne edition. It is so stylish to put in the Galaxy Buds+ inspired by the celebrated American fashion designer's suit. And you strap the latest Samsung smartphone to your arm, and you run with music.

In the world of smart phones, the Samsung Galaxy Z Flip is an absolute powerhouse. The only time it is not outstanding is when it’s snugly resting in your pocket.

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