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What makes a Malvern education special is the unique set of values and the ethos deeply embedded into all aspects of the school.  Malvern College Hong Kong (MCHK) will inherit the rich heritage of Malvern College in the UK which strongly believes in a holistic education where, in addition to an emphasis on academic excellence, pupils are able to experience a wide variety of activities outside the classroom:  sports, debating, the creative arts, social etiquette instruction, the chance to learn a musical instrument and join an orchestra, take part in a school or house play. 

MCHK will hold a series of events for children to engage in a variety of different experiences, both physical and creative.  These events will include a Coding Workshop, a chance to experience first-hand the Forest School and an International Chess Workshop.

MCHK Sports Curriculum

Sport will form an integral part of the MCHK co-curricular programme.  Through participation in sport, pupils will learn to lead a healthy life whilst also developing social, teamwork and leadership skills.  Although the intention is to increase the number of sports activities as the school progresses, the following should be in place during the first year:

- Athletics 
- Basketball
- Football
- Rugby
- Cricket
- Swimming

Details of the sports experience day will be updated to the website, please follow the MCHK Facebook page: www.facebook.com/MalvernHK.

Coding Workshop

Date:   18th November 2017


Venue: Science Park, Shatin

In partnership with BSD Code & Design Academy, MCHK will be holding a taster lesson on coding.  Coding is considered as one of the most important skills of the future and MCHK believes it is best if children can be introduced to this skill in a relaxing and enjoyable environment.  Come along to this special event to experience for yourself what coding is all about.

Forest School Experience Day

Date:       2nd December 2017

Venue:   Sai Kung

Led by a Level 3 Forest School Association-certified Forest School Leader, MCHK is providing a taster of the Forest School programme, which is aimed to extend children’s education beyond the confines of classroom walls.  MCHK will incorporate the Forest School Programme into the primary years curriculum.  Come along and see what the Forest School programme is all about.

International Chess Workshop

Date:        9th December 2017


Venue:   Science Park, Shatin

MCHK will provide many cutting-edge after-school activities including a mandatory chess programme aimed to develop higher-order thinking.  Partnering with Caissa Hong Kong Chess Club, this workshop aims to give prospective parents an insight into how chess positively contributes to various cognitive abilities, as well as helping character formation and relationships building.   Come to the workshop and find out more!

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