Boarding Life at Marlborough College Malaysia

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Whilst boarding at Marlborough College Malaysia, the pupils are at the heart of a remarkable support network which guides them through their academic, emotional and physical growth. They are all part of a flourishing family environment that inspires them and cares for them in equal measure.

Our boarders are great company, have remarkable energy, a real love of life and a ‘can do’ attitude which results in tremendous successes in the academic field and beyond. Although we are extremely confident in, and proud of, the quality of our boarding provision, we ensure we listen to boarders' and their parents' views and suggestions for development. This operates through a variety of channels with boarders' views feeding directly into decision making at all levels and boarders feeling that Marlborough is their ‘home from home’.

Testimonial of a Boarding Parent

Mrs Anne Gatignol

In 2016, we were looking for an international school that would combine a strong academic curriculum with a nurturing environment for our eldest son who was 13 years old. We thought Marlborough College would meet all our expectations.

Our son started as a full boarder in August 2016 without being completely fluent in English. He was always supported and encouraged by everyone around him and we very quickly noticed positive changes. We saw him gain self-confidence and develop many talents he did not think he possessed; we were not the only ones to notice these changes.

Three months later, our second son asked to join Marlborough College, because he felt that he was missing many opportunities by remaining in his current school.  He started in January 2017 as a day pupil firstly, however, we thought that the real appeal of this school is boarding and so he became a weekly boarder in August 2017.

Today, we can say how extremely happy we are with our choice.

Among the many benefits that we see, and according to our sons, boarders at Marlborough learn to trust their abilities, express themselves in public and to work as part of a team. My sons didn’t like sport at all, yet they have become true sportsmen. Being off games for a while is just like a punishment for them now. Another aspect that we think is important, is that they learned to socialise, with peers and adults across formal and casual events that the College hosts. We are not sure that we would have been the best teachers in this domain.   They have also become passionate about music and have formed a band with some friends. 

We have two well-balanced teenagers that we see regularly for family moments of serenity and constructive exchanges.  It has changed our view of adolescence. They are tolerant, open-minded and caring towards others. They are respectful of the rules and our values meet those of the school. Their boarding house at school has become their second family home and they are always happy to return to the College after a break or holidays, to regain their routine. 

When we attend events at Marlborough, we are always struck by the level of pupil involvement, in that they give the best of themselves in everything and they are extremely respectful of adults. We have seen our sons blossoming both academically and personally. They are making friends for life. We couldn’t dream of a better educational experience for them. We have a third boy who is waiting for just one thing…to join them, which he will do in August for the next academic year. 

Testimonial of a boarder at Marlborough College Malaysia

Agung Mann, Year 13

I am currently boarding in a Senior boys' boarding house, and in my third year as a boarder at Marlborough. A couple days ago I had an interview for a potential spot as a College Prefect, and one of the questions I was asked was: “What aspect of MCM do you enjoy most?” Without hesitation I said, “Boarding at the College”.

For me, boarding wasn’t just an opportunity to attend MCM, but a chance to learn skills needed to actually be a proper part of a school community. From the first time I joined boarding, my fellow boarders have each left a lasting impression on me. My roommate in Remove taught me how to maintain incredible optimism, and that the bass is different from a regular guitar. A boarder in the year below showed me that hard work always prevails and a former pupil taught me how to face anxiety and come out on top. Boarding gave me a family away from home, gave me experiences I will never forget, and gave me opportunities that I can’t help but reach for. 

If I was told three years ago that I would be standing here, speaking to people I’ve never met, I would never have believed it. Three years ago, I was far too shy for any public speaking, but now, I’ve had other pupils saying that I might be on stage a bit too much. Boarding has given me the maturity, and the confidence, to be who I am today. When I said the thing I loved most here was Boarding, I meant it. Without it, I wouldn’t have the confidence or ability to grab every opportunity that was presented to me. In fact, if I didn’t board, there’s a good chance I wouldn’t have even thought of trying to be a Prefect. Boarding has been nothing short of a gift to me, a life-changing experience that has made me who I am.