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Kids’ potential in full bloom at Kumon

PUBLISHED : Tuesday, 21 August, 2018, 12:02am
UPDATED : Tuesday, 21 August, 2018, 12:02am

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Summer holiday is nearly over and it’s time to stimulate your kids’ learning interest in a fun and inspiring way. You can count on Kumon Hong Kong and its well-tested “Kumon Method” for that.

To celebrate its 30th anniversary, Kumon Hong Kong invites your children above three to enjoy its special “Back to School Half Price Promotion”, from now till September 10, 2018. Sign up to register your kids and reserve a place for our free Diagnostic Test Consultation at any of our more than 170 Kumon Education Centres across Hong Kong, Kowloon, New Territories, Outlying Islands and Macau.

The special offer includes a 50-percent discount on tuition fee (September) and great freebies for learning for all newcomers to Kumon. It is applicable to: Kumon Mathematics; English; Chinese; Japanese; and English in Japanese. The offer is exclusively available to newly registered students or current Kumon students enrolled in other subjects.

For decades, the “Kumon Method”, which combines its unique and well-designed worksheets for different subjects and interactive in-class guidance by experienced instructors tailored to the pace of individual learners, has inspired many students around the world. They have been transformed into self-driven lifelong learners with independent thinking.

The earlier kids are exposed to an environment conducive to language learning, the easier for them to acquire strong command of different languages. Developing all-round English proficiency under the “Kumon Method” is a joyous, interactive learning experience. We engage students with interesting stories and catchy songs to help them establish the connections of sounds, visual images and the letters of words. This method has been proven effective in arousing children’s interest in learning English while further boosting their confidence in using the language. The stories with vivid illustrations captivate the students so much that it becomes natural for them to master the sentence structures and grammar with ease. The students will attain enrichment of their vocabularies as well as enhanced reading comprehension skills. Through the Kumon Method, students will master the critical analytical skills in summarization so that they will develop the essential all-round language abilities in listening, reading, speaking, writing as well as critical thinking.

At Kumon, the learning experience for Chinese (Putonghua) is as rewarding as the one for English. Through reciting and understanding nursery rhymes and classic Chinese poems, rich with colorful folklores and traditional wisdom, students’ learning enthusiasm will rise. This is a step-by-step approach that enables them to speak and understand the standard Hanyu Pinyin. Meanwhile, with practice, students will learn to master the order of strokes of Chinese characters. They will also build knowledge and understanding of the sentence structures. The result is the command of expanded vocabularies, improved comprehension and Chinese writing skills. One of the goals of the Kumon Method is to strengthen individual student’s ability to grasp the main theme and core message of articles in Chinese in a faster manner. This is effective in enhancing their summarization and organizing skills simultaneously.

A wide selection and diverse types of enlightening fictions, poems, and literature works are included in the recommended reading materials for students. This aims to help them establish a life-long reading habit and nurture lofty goals for literary studies and appreciation as well as intellectual development.

The “Kumon” Maths learning method has been designed to let student ‘leapfrog’ in this important subject. By working on Kumon’s globally used worksheets applicable to any academic curriculums, the students will be inspired by the unique instruction methods that help strengthen their core Maths foundations. The well-designed worksheet structure will simultaneously equip the students with analytical prowess, logical thinking and problem-solving skills. The Kumon Method systematically nurtures students’ abilities to learn Maths up to high-school level in the shortest possible time.

Founded in Japan in 1958, the “Kumon Method” has let nearly 4.3 million driven youngsters, in over 50 countries and regions, unleash their full potential and establish life-long self-motivated learning habit. Regardless of age and school grade, every student learns at the “just-right” level and their own pace in Kumon. Through Diagnostic Test, the most suitable starting point and learning contents are tailored for each student according to their abilities. Kumon worksheets emphasize a step-by-step approach. The example questions and hints allow the students to think on their own. With inspiring guidance from the instructors, children will feel the joy of finding the answers by themselves, becoming self-confident and independent. Throughout the process of self-motivated and continuous learning, students will go beyond their school grades and find school studies easier and more rewarding.

Let your kids experience for themselves how the proven Kumon Method complements their regular studies at school and further drives their pursuit for more knowledge.

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