Hitachi Innovation Center

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Hitachi Innovation Center Drives Innovative, Co-Creation Solutions at Hong Kong Science Park

PUBLISHED : Friday, 23 November, 2018, 9:36am
UPDATED : Friday, 23 November, 2018, 12:34pm

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“Hitachi Vantara believes in the transformative power of the technology ecosystem at Hong Kong Science Park and its ability to drive innovations and opportunities to co-create. The Park is home to over 700 technology companies and we are focused on growing relationships with each and every one. We expect this new innovation center, which demonstrates Hitachi Vantara’s commitment to Greater China, will help guide businesses to lead in this new era of digital innovation,” explained Hitachi Vantara CEO Brian Householder at the opening ceremony of Hitachi Innovation Center on Oct. 24 at Hong Kong Science Park. This is the company’s first innovation center within the Greater China region. It will foster collaborations and strengthen the ecosystem to support smart city initiatives in Hong Kong and beyond.

 A multinational conglomerate founded in 1910, Hitachi has been a leader in many fields that include consumer products and household appliances, construction machinery, automotive systems, electronics, healthcare equipment, railway and transportation systems, infrastructure and financial services, energy and power systems, specialized materials and components, digital media and information technology (IT) systems. Since its founding more than a century ago, Hitachi has gained unique knowledge and expertise in operational technology (OT), which is how companies operate and compete in different industries.

Headquartered in Silicon Valley and a wholly owned subsidiary of Hitachi, Ltd., Hitachi Vantara combines Hitachi’s OT leadership with proven IT expertise. As a result, the company helps customers around the world navigate their digital transformations by unlocking the value of their data to solve their most important business challenges and build new value across their entire business ecosystems.

Hitachi Vantara’s partnership with Hong Kong Science and Technology Parks Corporation (HKSTP) offers tremendous co-creation opportunities and access to a growing local innovation and technology ecosystem of subject matter experts (SMEs) that will benefit current customers in the region, including St. Teresa’s Hospital and Atos (a global leader in IT solutions and cloud services).

“Hitachi Vantara has been an important partner to the HKSTP,” said HKSTP CEO Albert Wong, who attended the opening ceremony. “Now with the launch of Hitachi Innovation Center, startups and partner companies in the Science Park will gain access to their digital tools.” Hitachi Vantara will be collaborating closely with HKSTP to train startups and corporate tenants on its data analytics and intelligence technology platform to help them store, enrich, activate and monetize their data streams.

“A term that is used a lot these days is ‘co-creation’,” said Andrew Sampson, Hitachi Vantara vice president and general manager, Hong Kong, Macau and Taiwan. “In today’s digital age, businesses can’t just go and buy a solution off the shelf. These companies need to sit down with users and partners and work together on a solution that meets their specific needs.”

 Hitachi Vantara Senior Vice President and General Manager, APAC, Daniel Chong elaborated on the company’s co-creation services, stating that it is not only about the adoption of technology, but adapting it to unique environments through testing and fine-tuning. “Customers are not just looking for solutions. They seek collaborative partners that are sensitive to the challenges they face as a result of digital transformation,” said Chong. “Hitachi Vantara is a trusted partner that is committed to customizing the technology to meet their unique needs and then helping integrate it into their environment to quickly achieve measurable results.”

A core strength of Hitachi Vantara is the Internet of things (IoT), the technology used to acquire data from sensors and other devices. Hitachi Vantara helps customers turn that data into valuable insights that can stimulate innovation and facilitate change. By leveraging Hitachi’s mastery of OT and its wealth of legacy intellectual property (IP), Hitachi Vantara applies IoT technology to help develop and implement the fast-evolving concepts of smart homes, smart manufacturing, smart mobility and smart cities.

These innovations are not only focused on business results. Hitachi Vantara is also committed to “Social Innovation,” using these incredible new solutions to tackle challenges in “societal business” that are becoming increasingly global and complex.

According to Scott Kelly, COO and Chief Transformation Officer at Hitachi Vantara, the company delivers what they call a “double bottom line.” “We are developing superior technologies that not only deliver tangible business outcomes but drive societal impacts that change the way the world works through data.”

In an effort to facilitate the development and adoption of these innovative solutions, Chong stresses the importance of shaping corporate and public policies. For this reason, the Hitachi Innovation Center will devote time and resources to help government officials explore ways to execute the city’s smart-city blueprint and accelerate Hong Kong’s transformation into a smart economy.