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Kumon Hong Kong Completers Award Ceremony 2017

PUBLISHED : Thursday, 07 December, 2017, 11:36am
UPDATED : Thursday, 07 December, 2017, 11:36am

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The recent Kumon Hong Kong Completers Award Ceremony 2017 recognised hundreds of academic high achievers for their outstanding accomplishments. The event was also a chance for those youngsters to express their gratitude to parents and Kumon instructors who have provided support along the way.

Founded in Japan in 1958, the Kumon Method has so far helped nearly 4.3 million young people in 50 countries and regions realise their potential and establish the habit of life-long learning.

The four subjects available at Kumon Hong Kong are Chinese, mathematics, English reading programme (ERP), and English as a foreign language (EFL). This year will see a record number of 475 completers and, up to November, a grand total of 5,660 students in Hong Kong will have experienced the positive impact of the method on their studies and their approach towards life’s other challenges.

Hidetoshi Kaminishi, president of Kumon China, was particularly impressed by some of the youngsters honoured at the event, notably a Primary 6 student who had completed the maths course and a Primary 2 student who did the same in EFL.

“The completers have already acquired knowledge way beyond the regular syllabuses offered by their schools,” he said at the award ceremony. “The Kumon Method promotes continuous growth in academic performance and, at the same time, the completers have achieved personal growth.”

He noted too that the method effectively enhances the ability to learn by oneself, which helps to bolster self-confidence in the long run.

“I would also like to express my gratitude to the parents for their trust in Kumon and their support for their kids’ studies.”

The method aims to cultivate vital qualities that will enable students to contribute to society in the years ahead. More specifically, it teaches “grit” by developing self-confidence, self-motivation, perseverance and fortitude.

“We believe that ‘grit’ is the key to the success of many prominent individuals,” Kaminishi said. “Through the Kumon Method, these completers have not only enriched their academic knowledge, but will also be stronger when facing future challenges.”

That sentiment was echoed by Brenda Wong, deputy general manager of Kumon Hong Kong, who noted that students at the award ceremony started the method at different ages and progressed at a suitable pace.  

“However, they all share one thing in common,” she said. “Through self-motivation, and with support from their parents, they have studied syllabuses that are beyond their grades. The method sows the seeds for completers to fulfil their aspirations.”

She added that each Kumon syllabus is carefully designed so that the core content is different from that taught in local schools. The materials are taught by instructors whose patient guidance is tailored to each student’s individual ability and preferred pace of learning.

Furthermore, the maths syllabus develops logical thinking, and the Chinese and English courses help students achieve an advanced level of comprehension and fluency.

At the award ceremony, two completers from previous years spoke about their experience and shared the secret of their academic success. Hermon Hui, now a first-year undergraduate reading medicine at the University of Hong Kong, studied the Kumon Method from kindergarten to Secondary 4. He scored 42 in his Hong Kong DSE (Diploma for Secondary Education) exams.

“I used to work on the Chinese and English worksheets every day,” he said. “I was totally immersed in the literary classics and established a regular reading habit. Tackling the sample questions in maths helped develop my logical thinking and problem-solving abilities. I had so much confidence in the Kumon Method that I continued with the worksheets even when preparing for exams.”

He found that support from his family was essential, and that the Kumon philosophy helped him find his mission in life. (Hui Video :  Kumon the Successors – The Art of Perseverance:

Kwok Chin-hin spoke about completing the maths course when in Primary 3 and remembered having to plan out his schedule so as to complete his worksheets by the deadlines . As a result, he learned to manage his time efficiently and meet targets, which helped when tackling other subjects at school. He also completed Kumon’s Chinese and ERP courses.

“When I encountered difficulties, the instructors provided guidance and encouragement,” he said. (Kwok Video: Kumon the Successors – Pleasure of Speed:

Next year will mark the 60th anniversary of the Kumon Method and the 30th anniversary for Kumon Hong Kong. Wong expressed the hope that all completers would continue to achieve their potential, realise their dreams, and contribute to the society in different ways. 

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