[SCMP Archive] Raising cash in great fashion

With a touch of glamour and hard work, HKIS student put on their own fashion show.

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[First published on April 04, 1998] With a touch of glamour and a lot of hard work, Hong Kong International School students put on their own fashion show.

Allure'98 was more than a chance for students to get a taste of the fashion industry, it was all in the aid of a good cause. The money raised was donated to A Better Tomorrow Children's Fund, a charity dedicated to helping disfigured orphans on the mainland.

Organised by two Grade 11 girls, the show raised more than $100,000.

In front of an audience of 500, 25 boys and 23 girls modelled the latest funky spring/summer collections. The atmosphere was electric, as students cheered on the models.

The fashion show was the brainchild of two students, Jessica Lam Saiman, 17, and Olivia Ma Yuenting, 16.

After a tough start, the organisation became easier as more students became involved.


"It was hard to get the sponsors," said Jessica. "Some companies didn't believe that we were doing it for charity. But we didn't give up and eventually they agreed to help. Some gave donations and others simply sponsored the clothes."

Drawing on the students' interest in fashion, Jessica and Olivia attracted much support for the show.

The two best friends said that they had learnt a lot in the process of organising the fashion show.

"We had thousands of things to do. We couldn't have done it alone, so the first thing we learnt was how to be in charge and give instructions to others," said Olivia.


Working to deadlines was another important lesson, as was being flexible and coping with the unexpected.

"Accidents, such as a blown fuse, require a decision to be made in a second.


"And you have to learn to be good listeners, taking into account everyone's ideas. It was hard, we're still learning," Olivia said.

The fashion show was supported by 20 top brand names, including U2, Colour 18, Miss K, Warwick, Calvin Klein, Ralph Lauren, Sketchers, Prima and Pacino Wan.

Nike and Fila were amongst the sportswear manufacturers that supported the fundraiser. And the evening dress section saw creations from EvelynB and Shanghai Tang.