Kai Tak City – the new metropolis in Kowloon East (conceptual design drawing)

The new frontier of smart living - riverside oasis in the metropolis

In the smart living age, where you live and how you live matter.  Be at the forefront of living with a smart home at OASIS KAI TAK that is situated in a metropolis designed to be a new hub for a new age in Hong Kong – Kai Tak City.

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In the smart living age, where you live and how you live matter.  Be at the forefront of living with a smart home at OASIS KAI TAK that is situated in a metropolis designed to be a new hub for a new age in Hong Kong – Kai Tak City.

Core business district

Envisioned and developed by the government, the former Kai Tak airport and its vicinity will be metamorphosed into the Kowloon East Central Business District 2. When fully developed, Hong Kong’s largest urban development project will offer 5.4 million square metres of commercial space, nearly twice as much as Central.

Easy connectivity

Befitting its status as a new metropolis, easy connectivity is a given.  Strategically situated upon the axis of the Shatin to Central Link (with sections scheduled to open in 2019 and 2021), it will take commuters only 15 minutes to travel to Central from the new Kai Tak MTR Station upon completion.

The future Kai Tak MTR Station is just a minute’s walk away from OASIS KAI TAK (conceptual design drawing)

A sporting life

A healthy lifestyle is key to a well-balanced life.  At Kai Tak, over 100 hectares of land or one third of its entire development area are earmarked for recreational greenery and numerous urban parks. You can enjoy the action at the Kai Tak Sports Park featuring a variety of world-class sports venues hosting international athletic events and large cultural and artistic performances. Upon completion, it can accommodate up to 65,000 spectators, nearly five times as many as the Hong Kong Coliseum.

The Metro Park offers expansive green spaces for the family to enjoy. Covering an area of 24.3 hectares equivalent to 1.3 times the size of Victoria Park, it is scheduled to open in 2021 and will become the largest park in Hong Kong.   

Leisure pursuits

Fancy a quick weekend getaway or a staycation?  Get on board a luxury cruise ship at the Kai Tak Hong Kong Cruise Terminal. Built to international standards, it has been receiving some of the world’s largest cruise ships. Or check into one of the luxurious international hotels to be opened on the Kai Tak Runway Precinct which is also lined with high-end restaurants.

An oasis by the river

With all it’s got going on, Kai Tak City Centre is the place to live. New private residential properties are being built in the promising Kai Tak Grid Neighbourhood, with the last of the six projects on offer being OASIS KAI TAK.  Developed by Wheelock Properties renowned for its quality establishments, OASIS KAI TAK is located just one minute’s walk away from the future Kai Tak MTR Station, offering supreme convenience for getting to all parts of Hong Kong. 

Situated adjacent to the Kai Tak River undergoing regeneration, OASIS KAI TAK offers residents the tranquillity of green living right at their doorstep.

OASIS KAI TAK is conveniently located next the the Kai Tak MTR Station, alongside the Kai Tak River, boasting tranquil river views

Nourishing BODY N SOUL

Getting the body fit and the soul uplifted is part and parcel of living in OASIS KAI TAK. CLUB OASIS, a four-storey sports facility that occupies over 16,000 square feet, is punctuated with a BODY N SOUL concept.  In addition to a state-of-the-art fitness gym, there’s an infinite climbing wall, yoga studio and interactive bike racing that is open 24 hours a day.  A fight club, indoor heated swimming pool and a 50-metre long outdoor swimming pool, the only one of such length in the Kai Tak neighbourhood at the moment, offer a variety of facilities to get you fighting fit.

CLUB OASIS’s 50-metre long outdoor pool, named BODY N BEYOND (rendering)

Smart living 

With smart living being the new green and the sharing economy booming, you can live smart at OASIS KAI TAK. The latest technology and the Internet of Things are being applied throughout the development aimed at making your life more comfortable, efficient and convenient. You can control in the palm of your hands innovative solutions such as Smart Home Delivery and Smart Laundry. Or make electronic payments, book clubhouse facilities and more through a Smart App.

Smart living at OASIS KAI TAK (Stock photo, not taken at or from the Development or its vicinity)

Adding to the experience is city’super, the developer’s Strategic Lifestyle Partner, who will provide exclusive services such as express e-shop delivery and special offer on seasonal items and lifestyle events to residents.

It’s about time you make a smart decision to live a stylish and seamless lifestyle in an oasis in the new Kai Tak City Centre.



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