AppJamming Summit 2016

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First Code Academy

2015 AJS Finalist’s Spotlight : Die or Diet

PUBLISHED : Monday, 21 March, 2016, 12:34pm
UPDATED : Tuesday, 22 March, 2016, 11:40am

Information about the team

A two-girl team, Isa Tang and Kas Li, came from Diocesan Girls' School. These girls are capable of building wonderful apps to help the world, so they build an app calls Die or Diet. Initially, they created this app to keep themselves motivated to stay healthy. After some consideration, they think that it will be a good idea to share their app with the world.


What is the app about

Die or Diet app is to help users maintain a healthy lifestyle, with its multi-functional app. Die or Diet has a feature in which user can key in their height and weight, their BMI will be calculated. Also, it will show a suitable range of weight for the user. Die or Diet app is also a reminder application. Users can store their phone number into the app, and it will remind users daily to check on their diet. Moreover, this app has a mini games - whereby clicking the right choice of diet will gain points.


Design Principles

Die or Diet app has its background set to blue vertical stripes. Vertical stripes looks longer and slimmer. Die or Diet app wants to remind users a hidden meaning - that is to be slim and healthy. Even though each screen contains many words, these information are essential for users to know how to be healthy. Die or Diet app also has images that remind users to exercise frequently.