AppJamming Summit 2016

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2015 AJS Finalist’s Spotlight : Elderly Detection

PUBLISHED : Monday, 28 March, 2016, 9:00am
UPDATED : Tuesday, 29 March, 2016, 2:54pm

Information about the team

Elderly Detection is created by a team of four -Ho Kai Yiu, Tai Ka Shing, Chiu Wai Hang, and Chan Pak Long. This team is from Pak Kau College in Hong Kong. This team wishes to reduce the number of incidents with their app, as there are many news in the world reporting that elderly went missing. They are wonderful creators that do not give up easily, even though they faced a few challenges when building their Elderly Detection.


What is the app about

If an elderly travel too far away from one's home, one might go missing. Elderly Detection, a user-friendly app, is to prevent such an incident from recurrence. This app uses GPS to calculate the distance traveled by the elderly from the preset location. If the elderly travels further than the distance set, an emergency message will be sent to the emergency contact person. Elderly Detection will include a few function enhancements to make the application better. Such functions can be password setting, and medical appointment reminder.


Design Principles

Elderly Detection has a simple two-screen User Interface. The whole design of Elderly Detection app is simple without any fanciful background. When the user starts Elderly Detection app, it will show the app logo in the home page. On the other screen, the app shows four different text boxes - Latitude, Longitude, Contact and Distance. Only after the user keyed in these details, the home screen will show a few information. These information includes the current location of the elderly, and the distance they have traveled.