Susanna Hui (middle), Group Managing Director of HKT, and honourable guests opening the HKT 5G Tech Carnival at a ceremony. The event, held in mid-June, was the first of its kind in Hong Kong.

Hong Kong’s hi-tech 5G event offers first glimpse of future of smart city life

  • Inaugural HKT 5G Tech Carnival at Kowloon Bay’s Kai Tak Cruise Terminal attracted a crowd of over 17,000
  • Visitors experienced cutting-edge innovations powered by fifth-generation mobile technology
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As the world is getting ready to adopt 5G, the Hong Kong public has already been given a first-hand experience of how the technology is about to change their lives.

HKT 5G Tech Carnival, held at the Kai Tak Cruise Terminal in mid-June, offered the public a glimpse into the future of smart city life.
CEO of Hong Kong Cyberport Management, Peter Yan King-shun, sharing his insight at a discussion session ‘Inroads in FinTech, Smart City and Digital Entertainment’.

In a four-day event that included a two-day conference, HKT 5G Tech Carnival, leaders in the innovation sector shared their views and explored the cutting-edge 5G development in Hong Kong and around the world, smart city advancement, and the latest technological trends in banking and finance.

In one of the discussion sessions, titled “Inroads in FinTech, Smart City and Digital Entertainment”, CEO of Hong Kong Cyberport Management, Peter Yan King-shun, captivated the audience with his vision of the 5G future.

Head of Electronics and ICT Clusters of the Hong Kong Science and Technology Parks Corporation, Peter Yeung described his vision of a smart city living with an audience that included tech industry leaders.

Meanwhile, Head of Electronics and ICT Clusters of the Hong Kong Science and Technology Parks Corporation, Peter Yeung discussed his inspirational thoughts around the theme “Smart City Opportunity for Innovation, Technology and Entrepreneurship”.

The conference served to establish a platform for idea exchange among the participants and helped them grasp the emerging technologies from a macro perspective.

The carnival was an extravaganza of unparalleled digital experiences. Visitors were invited to discover and immerse themselves in new technological innovations showcased in the futuristic, two-level exhibition area totalling 101,000 sq ft.

Seven specially designed themed zones – 5G and smart city; enterprise solutions; FinTech; global network; revolutionising shopping and leisure ecosystem; mobile solutions; and smart living – optimised the interactive experiences between the attendees, exhibitors, and the technologies.

The latest mobile handsets, including those yet to be available on the market, were on display at HKT 5G Tech Carnival to offer visitors a taste of ultra-smooth content streaming never seen before.

The power of uninterrupted 5G connectivity was demonstrated at the eye-catching csl booth where the latest yet-to-be-launched 5G smartphones were exhibited.

In the “5G and Smart City” zone, visitors gained an experience of future urban living. They were shown the smart phone booth with front and back screens to provide practical information such as street maps, road conditions and the weather.

Attendees of the FinTech zone at HKT 5G Tech Carnival learning about the latest payment technology and how cash might soon become a thing of the past.

They also saw how future recycling bins could notify the collection agents through 5G communication when they are filled up, and how 5G will enable real-time monitoring of airport traffic and electronic road tolls. Through virtual reality technology, attendants learned about how 5G could improve distance learning and entertainment.

The latest in smart homes was also on display at the “HKT Smart Living” booth. Exhibitions showcased how future dwellers can even more effectively control everything in the home – from the door lock and lighting to curtains – through facial recognition, voice commands in Cantonese and bodily movements.

Visitors were also shown how artificial intelligence (AI) could safeguard our health and prevent diseases through the early detection of symptoms.

At the “HKT Enterprise Solutions” zone, visitors learned how 5G can combine with AI, robotics, Internet of Things, big data and cloud computing as an integrated solution for companies looking to improve efficiency and optimise resources.

For instance, the “smart bathroom” can keep track of the supplies of toilet paper and paper towels, as well as the content in the rubbish bin, doing away with the need of having the staff manually inspect the facility all the time. The safe driving reminder system monitors the performance of professional drivers and sends out alerts when there are potential risks ahead.

PCCW Global chief commercial officer Frederick Chui presenting to visitors of HKT 5G Tech Carnival the ins and outs of the global fifth-generation mobile network.

The HKT education exhibition highlighted the importance of STEM education, and the future “smart classrooms”. A robotic arm and programme designed by students from S.k.h. Bishop Baker Secondary School showed how “machine learning” could fulfill risky tasks such as defusing explosives.

The carnival was also attended by those who love the finer things in life. The Club – a reward scheme enjoyed by over 2.8 million members – presented a brand-new online retail therapy experience via its Club Like platform at the event.

Club Like, HKT’s brand-new online retail experience offered through its reward programme The Club, was showcased at HKT 5G Tech Carnival. It offers members more flexibility in product and service redemption, and online shopping.

At the 1O1O Lounge, guests were invited to sample the Highland Park 12 Year Old Viking Honour and 18 Year Old Viking Pride single malt whiskies, under the guidance of whisky ambassadors.

 A new series of luxury smart luggage from COWAROBOT was introduced as well. The unique features of the brand’s robotic suitcases include Intelligent Tracking and AI technology that enable the suitcase to follow the user on its own or via a remote-control smartphone app.

Select members of 1O1O were treated to fine single malt whiskies at HKT 5G Tech Carnival under the guidance of whisky ambassadors.

The carnival’s 5G Tech Concert showcased latest technologies with music performances by popular Canto-pop stars including Kay Tse On-kay, Louis Cheung Kai-chung, Hong Kong boy band MIRROR, as well as Andy Leung and King Wu of the pop group C AllStar.

Susanna Hui (left), Group Managing Director of HKT, hopes that the HKT 5G Carnival has given businesses and the public a glimpse into the future of smart living.

The successful event has clearly shown that the future is just around the corner. 5G and innovations made possible by its ultra-fast data speeds will transform the way we live and how companies and organisations conduct their business.

“The carnival presented an opportunity for visitors to discover more about the role that 5G, AI, robotics, the Internet of Things, data analytics, cloud computing and emerging technologies can play in a smart city,” Susanna Hui, Group Managing Director of HKT, says.

“The key takeaway for families is a sense of how smart products can make home life more relaxing and comfortable. Businesses gain an understanding of how they can implement these technologies to upgrade customer experience and improve operational efficiency.”