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A glimpse into the fast-paced growth of HONOR fuelled by ground-breaking innovations packed in the HONOR View20

PUBLISHED : Friday, 21 December, 2018, 12:03am
UPDATED : Friday, 21 December, 2018, 12:03am

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At the technology showcase HONOR Artology: Explore Art & Technology with You(th) held at H Queen's in Central, HONOR presents —for the first time to the public in Hong Kong —the brand's latest smartphone model and the applications of its ground-breaking technology. A smartphone that truly offers an enticing glimpse into the futuristic vision of this fast-growing brand.

The marque may be new to the city, but it has already proved its worth among the digital natives across continents. Speaking at the opening ceremony of the technology showcase, Jimmy Xiong, General Manager of HONOR Product, revealed the company's business principle driving the brand. He said: "As a trend-setter, HONOR continues to push the limits of innovation and product craftsmanship. We endeavour to continually deliver technology breakthroughs to the world and deliver exceptional experiences for our users."

HONOR is in fact among the smartphone brand leaders in many overseas countries, ranging from Germany to Russia, while more recently having registered exceptional growth in emerging markets such as India and Indonesia. As a whole, HONOR achieved 156 per cent year-on-year growth in international sales.

More established smartphone brands might wonder: how has HONOR—launched only in 2013, been able to achieve such a flying start in this intensely competitive sector? Leading market intelligence firms offer insights into the dynamism of the current smartphone market.

According to global market research firm International Data Corporation (IDC), the rising trend in global smartphone shipment value has persisted, despite a decline in quantity delivered since the 4th quarter of 2017, by showing a shift towards more premium segments in the market.

The higher average selling price (ASP) for smartphones is driven by new features and technology. IDC has pointed out the areas including display technology, memory and storage, camera technology, on-device artificial intelligence capability and advanced charging technology as some of the favourable factors contributing to increasing ASPs.

Not to be overlooked, however, are the product's design thinking and a brand's capability to introduce new products. Another market intelligence heavyweight, The Economic Intelligence Unit (EIU) weighs in, pointing out the overwhelming percentage (82 per cent) of executives surveyed confirm the importance in design thinking.

On the importance of new product development being introduced into the marketplace, the EIU found that 59 per cent of the respondents across markets consider new product introduction "very important", with two of the world’s largest smartphone markets, China and the US, showing even bigger appetites for new products, respectively 65 and 72 per cent of the respondents shared the same view.

While HONOR has been outstanding in both technology-driven features and stylish product design, areas recognised to be positive factors by the market intelligence firms IDC and EIU—there is much more to this brand. Visitors to the HONOR technology showcase will appreciate the progress and fast development of the innovation-focused brand in different areas of interest.

For example, in the area of fashion and design, HONOR joined hands with Parisian-based youth-focused KOCHÉ established by Christelle Kocher—fuelled by their passion to inspire the younger generation. Meanwhile, in gaming, it collaborated with leading online multiplayer battle game platform PUBG Mobile, to host online gaming tournaments and offline campaigns, across continents. In addition, HONOR also boasts other successful partnerships in sports, travel and photography.

While appreciating the multiple creative partnerships between HONOR and the mentioned brands and organisations, visitors at the technology showcase will also be awed by 'Aurora', the exclusive artwork created by leading Asian artist Red Hong Yi.

The Aurora has been created using approximately 2,000 pieces of recycled smartphone glass backs from HONOR's flagship collection which actually come with artistic quality of their own. The collaboration with Red in the creation of the Aurora is the latest of a long line of the brand's undertakings that blend art and technology.

HONOR seeks to inspire action, foster creativity and empower young people to achieve their dreams. Meanwhile, Red is an award-winning artist who "paints without a paintbrush" and is one of the world's top artistic entrepreneurs. HONOR and Red are bound to complement each other, as the two dream differently to create unique works of art. HONOR encourages youth to break away from convention and carve out their own paths to success. To co-create this installation with Red is a testament to HONOR's commitment to empower millennials like her.

At HONOR Artology, a dedicated zone showcases the evolution of smartphone screens, with three generations of HONOR's Full-View Display phones being on display. Visitors are offered a glimpse both into the recent past, and the not-too-distant future technology, starting with the Full-View Display 1.0 'bezel-less' screen defined by a 18:9 screen; through the Full-View Display 2.0 screen featuring a notch or dewdrop, which houses key components such as the receiver and front camera, for a higher screen-to-body ratio. Bringing people to the next-generation technology is HONOR All-View Display.

HONOR has chosen this technology showcase as the stage to announce three world-first technologies in a soon-to-be-available smartphone HONOR View20 - the 48 megapixel rear camera with Sony IMX586 sensor, the HONOR All-View Display and the Link Turbo.

The HONOR View20 comes equipped with the industry's first 48 megapixel high-definition rear camera with Sony IMX586 sensor. To put this accomplishment into perspective, the camera's sensor capability is said to rival that of the best high-end digital single-lens reflex (DSLR) cameras. An amazing fact, when you remember that the sensor is a unit with a diagonal of no more than eight millimetres.

The system employs the new and highly impressive Kirin 980 processor, while the dual neural processor unit is responsible for enhanced AI-assisted image recognition performance. The results are fascinating photography with the perfect balance between brightness and sharpness.

Concerning smartphone screen, HONOR is set to bring the next-level full-view display experience with the HONOR All-View Display in the new phone model, HONOR View20. This is another application of a world-first technology, as its in-screen front camera design is achieved by a sophisticated 18-layer technology stack that has the front camera embedded in the display area of the screen, further extending the display area to almost 100 per cent.

Completing the trio is the launch of the Link Turbo technology. Using the very latest AI and big data technologies, Link Turbo automatically analyses users' usage models and network conditions to switch seamlessly between Wi-Fi and 4G networks, and thus boosts the download speed by simultaneously adopting both networks.

HONOR Artology will certainly satisfy any smartphone fans, keen to learn about and experience the latest smartphones, and the intriguing technological stories behind a fast-developing brand. So wait no more, the future of smartphones is right here in Hong Kong, and you can see it now, while appreciating the art and design element communicated through the creation Aurora. HONOR Artology is now open at Central's H Queen's and will run until December 23, 2018.