Redefining home entertainment

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Black is the new black

The latest LG OLED TV offers a powerfully captivating cinematic experience that shows black and colours in ways never seen before in home entertainment.

PUBLISHED : Monday, 08 August, 2016, 12:00am
UPDATED : Tuesday, 18 October, 2016, 5:04pm

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A new series of high dynamic range (HDR) 2016 OLED TVs has just been unveiled by LG Electronics Hong Kong Ltd. (LG), including the highly anticipated LG 4K HDR OLED TV E6, that promises to engross viewers with close-to-perfection picture quality and crisp motion.

All of LG’s 2016 OLED TVs have earned the prestigious Ultra HD Premium seal of recognition from the UHD Alliance, which is formed by an impressive list of internationally renowned manufacturers, tech companies and film studios with the collective goal of advancing 4K TV. This certification means that the new OLED TVs meet its high standards for resolution, high dynamic range, peak luminance, black levels, wide colour gamut, audio quality, etc.

However, the new OLED line-up goes beyond that by being the first TVs in the market to support the newest HDR formats – HDR 10, the industry standard, and the Dolby Vision™ HDR – the latter of which has been adopted by an increasing number of studios during the filmmaking process. Viewers can now enjoy a truly unforgettable HDR experience with deeper rendering, perfect black and perfect colours on the new OLED E6, fully taking in the visual magic of blockbuster films.

This year also marks the 50th anniversary of LG’s television business. Since the first black and white TV the company developed in Korea in 1966, LG has continued to create products that redefine home entertainment with cutting edge display technologies and superior design like those packed in the new OLED series.

Picture-on-Glass: when form merges function

The OLED E6 is among the first TVs to showcase LG’s unique Picture-on-Glass design. An ultra-thin OLED panel is flawlessly set on a translucent glass back cover, while delicate HDR images appear almost seamlessly on a slim glass panel, transforming the TV into an astonishing work of moving art. The thickness is roughly a stack of four credit cards, creating an elegant living room centrepiece even when not in use.

Perfect black and a billion colours

The colour black, surprisingly, is very hard to show on TV. More often than not, it is shown as a version of grey but the OLED TV technology allows for individual pixels to be turned on or off, resulting in perfect black and infinite contrast. The perfect black allows colours to pop and be rendered more accurately and vibrantly, with reduced light noise. LG’s ULTRA Luminance technology also greatly enhances the brightness so the contrast between dark and bright areas is made even more pronounced, delivering clear and vivid HDR images.

To fully realise filmmakers’ artistic visions, the OLED E6 features a 10-bit panel and 10-bit processing power, guaranteeing crisp, sharp motion and presenting more than a billion possible colour options (Billion Rich Colours technology), covering 99% of the DCI-P3 colour space, which is what is shown in movie theatres.

Simple yet powerful sound system

No superior home theatre is complete without redoubtable sound effects. The OLED E6 packs a punch with a powerful forward-facing sound bar speaker system, which is hidden at the base of the TV body. Developed in partnership with high-end audio pioneer harman/kardon, OLED E6’s sound system is extremely streamlined but uncompromising on quality.

The new LG 4K HDR OLED TV E6 comes in 55” and 65” and retail at HK$40,500 and HK$61,280 respectively.