Contemporary artist Hong Yi Red and her installation art Aurora, which makes the best of 2,000 recycled HONOR phone glass backs.

Immersive design experience enabled by technology innovation

Innovative smartphone brand HONOR brings a fresh approach to art

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In today’s ever-more demanding world, where time is so precious to all of us, fast developing technology brings people convenience right at their fingertips. Yet, thankfully, even today, the better angels in many people are still willing to take time to appreciate art and the skill required to perfectly blend aesthetics with today’s technology.

A perfect example of this blending is a thoughtful look into aesthetics as reflected – quite literally – by technology. People will be felt welcome to the unique showcase being held in Central’s HART Hall at H Queen's, titled HONOR Artology: Explore Art & Technology with You(th).

Multiple awards winning artist Hong Yi “Red” draws inspiration from the most conventional objects to create large-than-life paintings and installations.

The unifying theme of HONOR Artology portrays the synergy between technology and art and its impact in the art scene while expressing HONOR's view on technological innovation and design craftsmanship. In HONOR’s pursuit of excellence in smartphone design and co-creation, the brand collaborated with top Malaysian artist Red Hong Yi to create an installation artwork called ‘Aurora’. The showcase will be open to the public for the period December 11-23.

Aurora is a giant art installation consisting of some 2,000 recycled pieces of HONOR flagship device HONOR 10 glass backs, which reminded Red of Nature’s Aurora — the famous dancing green lights that shimmer in the clear night sky of the far north.

The enticing HONOR 10 glass backs are the cornerstones of the installation art Aurora.

On the partnership with HONOR, Red states that HONOR shares the same belief with her in being courageous to stand out from the crowd, to challenge the status quo and to constantly push the boundaries of art in an unconventional way.

Discussing the inspiration for her art, Red adds that she was enthralled by the sheer beauty of the glass backs, saying: "It is a beautiful material especially on a phone and made me curious about understanding it better.” She adds that her approach to the art project has been like a scientist, involving a lot of research and experiment on the materials.

The collaboration was made possible by leading smartphone HONOR, a brand that has earned a reputation for being one that constantly pushes the technologic boundaries with its numerous innovations over a relatively short period of time. The brand was introduced to the international smartphone markets in 2013.

Fascinated by the reflective HONOR glass backs, Hong Yi “Red” sets out to express her experience of the Nature's Aurora in the installation art.

HONOR is a brand that relies less on traditional marketing channels; instead, the young, exciting brand prefers a series of stylish campaigns across various digital media platforms, including its own excellent, mobile-friendly site. By endorsing extreme sports events, and joining hands with some of the world's leading organisations in order to engage directly with its young and daring clientele across categories or passion points such as technology, fashion, gaming, travel and photography, HONOR is already very well-known among the Internet generation.

With a series of exciting new models released over the past several years, HONOR has well earned its reputation for cutting-edge designs and innovative features. The critically acclaimed HONOR Magic released in 2016 was the very first smart device equipped with artificial intelligence technology capability, creating a lot of interests in the smartphone world, in particular among the tech savvy millennials. The brand further pushes the boundaries of technology with the subsequent HONOR Magic2, with its Magic Slide full-view screen creating nearly 100 per cent screen-to-body ratio.

The subsequent phone models continue to showcase HONOR’s committed innovation. Take the 2018 flagship HONOR 10 as an example, the award-winning EISA Lifestyle Smartphone of 2018-19 signifies a new breed in smartphone design with ground-breaking 3D glass back, of which the two infinitely changing colours Phantom Blue and Phantom Green are like nothing else in smartphone design. 

Ever since its launch, HONOR has been fast emerging as among the leading smartphone brands in many major markets. Design and aesthetic reasons aside, the brand is also acclaimed for its innovative features and ever-improving user experience.

That HONOR's uncompromised capability to innovate will again be demonstrated by the brand's next-generation phone HONOR View20 which, according to sources close to the brand, boasts a breakthrough in screen technology enabling the HONOR All-View Display screen. The technology promises to bring a whole new and exciting viewing experience to users.

In order to better understand the accomplishment of this striking new technology, it is necessary to know exactly the limitations of the current smartphone screens. The first modern-day smartphones came with what is known in the industry as 'bezels', or the bands of border on the sides. The first generation of 'bezel-less' screen, coined the Full-View Display 1.0, was defined by the 18:9 screen, which is close to the 21:9 ratio in cinemas.


The evolution of smartphone's Full-View Displays over the recent years, HONOR is set to amaze the market with the Full-View Display 3.0.

The second generation of bezel-less screen, or the Full-View Display 2.0, is an evolution of the 18:9 screen ratio with trimmed bands, resulting in the maximal display area with nothing more than an often blackened area — called notch or dewdrop — to house key components such as the receiver and front camera. No doubt an improvement over the first generation as far as viewing experience is concerned.

But wait a minute, HONOR seems to say. Whatever you call it, the blackened area still compromises one's viewing and gaming experience. With the coming HONOR View20 set to be unveiled in January, the brand brings its latest screen technology unseen before to the market. The industry's first in-screen front camera placed at the upper left-hand side of the screen further improves the already class-leading viewing area of HONOR phones. Welcome to the Full-View Display 3.0!

Fancy a glimpse into the next-generation technology? Visit the HONOR Artology: Explore Art & Technology with You(th) at H Queen's. There, in addition to the impressive Aurora, visitors will be able to check out for themselves the ingenuity of the latest HONOR screen technology, plus the brand's exceptional photography capability — if you don't already know that HONOR is a smartphone of choice for many professional photographers as well.

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Learn more about the HONOR Artology and the Aurora artwork by visiting campaign website at Stay tuned for more information about HONOR Artology and the brand’s many upcoming partnerships with leading global institutions!