Le Meridien Shimei Bay Beach Resort & Spa keeps conference clients coming back to Hainan

The Wall Street English Annual Leadership Conference held its third conference at the Hainan resort, where tasty food and cultural displays marked a memorable event

The Wall Street English Annual Leadership Conference

PUBLISHED : Monday, 16 April, 2018, 6:24pm
UPDATED : Monday, 16 April, 2018, 6:27pm


The Wall Street English Annual Leadership Conference was held at Le Meridien Shimei Bay Beach Resort & Spa, on Hainan, from January 15 to 19. Attendees from Beijing, Shanghai, Guangzhou and other cities gathered at the hotel to look back on 2017 and look forward to 2018. The event’s highlight was a themed dinner at the resort.


This was the third time the annual conference was held at Le Meridien Shimei Bay. For the 2017 event, the hotel presented a special “Li Minority Long Table Dinner” for the group and earned attendees’ praise and recognition. This year, the resort’s objective was to impress returning guests with new accommodation and dining experiences, and present Hainan’s unique attractions and culture.

Challenges and measures

The resort created a special theme dinner inspired by the natural environment of Shimei Bay and the traditional farming culture of Hainan. The distinctive Hainanese farming-themed dinner was set at the resort’s Horizon Beach Restaurant. The hotel’s food and beverage team selected a variety of premium local ingredients such as Dongshan lamb and Hele crab; prepared them traditionally, and then served the dishes in traditional Hainan pottery and with local ceramic utensils. A traditional Hainanese performance was also arranged to show the rich variety of the island’s culture at the dinner. Its attractions included a bamboo dance and displays of traditional brocade weaving by the Li minority people. The dinner and other activities were held on the beach and lawn area outside the hotel, and the event went well in fine weather, as planned. However, the hotel’s management team also devised a contingency event plan and a change of venue, in case it rained.


The dinner was a success, thanks to several conference calls before the event and frequent communication between the organisers during the evening. Event organisers and attendees enjoyed the Hainan Farming-Themed Dinner, especially the Hainanese delicacies, singing, dancing and the Li brocade performance. Guests were also impressed by the dinner’s settings and presentation.

The resort’s general manager, Lanny Liu, says: “Our Li Minority Long Table Dinner and Hainan Farming-themed Dinner were well-received by our guests because they brought new dining experiences with traditional Hainanese characteristics. We used Hainan’s abundant natural resources and our resort’s geographical advantages, such as the nature of Shimei Bay and 6km of white-sand beach in front of us.”