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Make the wedding table a feast of details with aesthetics and strong themes

Many newlyweds enjoy hosting receptions that are highly detailed in terms of décor, often with bold touches of personalisation

PUBLISHED : Tuesday, 22 November, 2016, 11:49am
UPDATED : Friday, 05 May, 2017, 2:48pm

Décor can set the tone for any celebration, and in this era of themed weddings and microplanning, it takes more than colour coordinating floral arrangements with table linens to pull off a spectacular aesthetic display.

Table décor has become a key part of a wedding’s overall aesthetic, where colour, props and flowers all play a bit part in binding a theme together.

Michele Li, founder of The Wedding Company, says weddings are becoming more detailed with lots of little touches and personalisation.

“Lately, we’ve noticed a growing trend of rustic and vintage themed weddings, which may be due to the fact that people are a lot more exposed to these types of weddings. However, we work with what feels right intuitively and aesthetically,” Li says.

While there is a strong trend towards rustic and garden themes, couples now are giving their nuptials a more glamorous edge by dressing up their tables with rich textures including fabric, wood and metal, according to wedding planner White Bridal.

“A touch of luxe can be added to the rustic style for example, with the use of rich textiles for table runners, choosing interesting or metallic coloured vases for floral arrangements, or selecting mercury glass holders for candles,” says White Bridal partner, Joan Auyang.

The rustic trend has also led to a preference for less structured and more natural floral arrangements defined by arching branches, vines and foliage with blooms arranged within them, instead of the formality of tightly-bound centrepieces.

Some couples are even forgoing floral table displays in favour of edible decorations. Fragrant herbs, potted plants and fruits such as pomegranate, pears and lemons are being used as well as various kinds of props – from antique cameras and teapots, to books, porcelain figurines and even wine bottles.

Table decoration is one way for couples to personalise their day and is normally tied to the wedding theme
Michele Li, The Wedding Company

“Table decoration is one way for couples to personalise their day and is normally tied to the wedding theme. Couples can translate what they love or what people normally associate them with, such as their love for travel, food or photography, into their decorations for banquet tables,” Auyang says.

As much as props can add drama, they should also complement the overall theme. The colour and texture of table linen, chairs and seat covers, the balance between high and low floral arrangements, and other details such as show plates and napkin treatments are all major considerations to complete the look, Li says.

Another factor that can affect a table display is the degree of formality of a wedding. An eight-course dinner will require more crockery, cutlery and glassware than a buffet for example, and will govern how much space is left for extras. Limited space may require more creative thinking, such as placing items on top of show plates or napkins, or turning essentials such as place cards and wedding favours into part of the décor, Auyang says.

Budget and the venue itself are other factors that need consideration. Variations in materials and props come with their own price tags, while in-season flowers will be cheaper and easier to source than importing daffodils in December, for example.

An elaborate venue requires decoration that echoes the surroundings in style and colour, while one that is simple, contemporary and minimalist can be a blank canvas for creativity.

“Couples can choose decorations that are also contemporary and minimalist,” Auyang says. “They can choose to play with striking bold colours to add contrast and drama; or they can create elegant table settings using soft textiles, floral arrangements in classic vases and sparkling candle holders.”