Airland makes beds for tiny Hong Kong homes, and cuts static tension that causes sleep disturbance

Airland adapts mattresses to city’s need for better sleep and spine alignment

PUBLISHED : Thursday, 30 March, 2017, 12:19pm
UPDATED : Thursday, 30 March, 2017, 12:19pm

Mattress and bedding manufacturer Airland celebrated its 50th anniversary in Hong Kong last year. The premier brand has seen Hong Kong’s living habits change over the years, and has adapted its products to suit its customers.

The tiny sizes of Hong Kong flats limit interior design options and the range of furniture that customers can bring into their homes, Airland says, citing how simplicity always wins. “The simple style would continue to [be] dominant in the interior design [sector] in 2017,” says Maggie Sham, associate director of sales and marketing at Serta and Airland Mattresses. “The crucial focus is how to implement the creative ideas in design to utilise the limited [space], to make your home unique and functional.”

This season, Airland launches the In-cotton and Intense series of mattresses. People who need the extra support could look to the In-cotton series, which uses organic cotton and natural latex for enhanced support and improves spine-alignment resilience with a seven-zone spring system.

The simple style would continue to [be] dominant in the interior design [sector] in 2017
Maggie Sham, associate director of sales and marketing, Serta and Airland Mattresses

Sleep disturbance due to static tension has become prevalent, and industry experts are recommending bed frames and mattresses to be free from metals, which conduct electricity, and plastics, as surfaces should also be breathable. Airland’s Intense series offer three mattress models that reduce the impact of static-tension sleep and have a five-zone spring system.

The company has also expanded its business into the hotel industry, and was also the first mattress manufacturer to receive the “Q-mark” Award from the Federation of Hong Kong Industries. Airland has since received more certifications and awards and is well-established in its markets.