Naturally inclined: eco-chic TREE’s furniture combines the raw with the rustic

Furniture offerings at TREE, located at HomeSquare, reflect the store’s commitment to ethical sourcing and sustainability

PUBLISHED : Thursday, 30 March, 2017, 12:26pm
UPDATED : Thursday, 30 March, 2017, 12:26pm

Sustainable furniture is often a centrepiece in a stylish home. At TREE, contemporary design and traditional craftsmanship go hand in hand. The store’s motto – “profits with principles” – has

served it well since TREE’s inception 12 years ago.

“We partner with those who share our passion for ethical sourcing, sustainability and giving back,” says Kate Babington, TREE’s managing director. And she takes this commitment very seriously.

TREE’s furniture is made using responsibly sourced wood that is either Forest Stewardship Council-certified, supported through the Trees4Trees foundation (a not-for-profit in Indonesia that partners with local communities to renew the environment through reforestation and education), or that has been salvaged from old Indonesian fishing boats, houses, railway sleepers and bridges – giving each piece at TREE a uniquely natural story.

Here at TREE … we partner with those who share our passion for ethical sourcing, sustainability and giving back
Kate Babington, managing director, TREE

TREE believes in supporting local businesses and communities from where their merchandise is sourced. The pieces are created by skilled craftsmen from across Asia, including the Philippines and Thailand, and also by independent artisans in Europe, Babington says. The store’s newest collection includes a variety of jewel-toned and earthy-shaded vases, crafted from recycled glass. These vases bring a splash of colour to the home.

This season the company brings us distressed furniture, which combines the raw with the rustic to create a “lived-in” feel, and lends each piece a touch of its own personality. The furnishings have a natural look that never goes out of style, regardless of the season.

TREE’s latest terracotta ceramics are handcrafted to re-create the time-worn surfaces of tree trunks, while its terracotta vases are sculpted to resemble natural materials such as rope, coral and flora.

Newly launched for spring, TREE’s collection of upholstered dining chairs features a wide range of colours and designs.

Texture and fabrics, such as velvet, are trending this year, lending an added touch of warmth and depth to any living space. The mixing and matching of wood and fabric creates a timeless elegance and a unique, eclectic look.