All is calm: Cissy Wang loves the warmth of a Hong Kong family Christmas

Artiste manager leads a busy life, but the joy of a family holiday keeps her grounded

PUBLISHED : Thursday, 01 December, 2016, 12:34pm
UPDATED : Thursday, 01 December, 2016, 12:34pm

As the love of Donnie Yen’s life, Cissy Wang is also an artiste manager, producer, founder of Bullet Group and Bullet Films Productions, and mother to two adorable children. She leads a busy life, but her family keeps her grounded.

To me, Christmas means … my family, we celebrate every year. We grew up in Canada; we have snow every year. So in Hong Kong, it is different with the hot weather. We try to make it more wintery at home – the fake snow on the window. I go all out when it comes to decorations. It’s that feeling of a family and being together.

On our table for Christmas is … for adults, we always have wine and Champagne. Sometimes we have turkey. We are not that traditional.

My wish list includes … a girl likes any type of fashion item, so that’s a hint for my husband.

And for the children … a small present, just something fun. I definitely want something more meaningful for them. We talked about visiting charities. We’ll see.

My favourite gift from childhood …there are just too many.

Our Christmas plans include … we talked about charities and possibly a family trip to somewhere new. In the past, we did skiing – we went to Korea. This year, I’m not sure because my sister just had her family and we want to be together, so somewhere suitable for their babies.

The secret to keeping Christmas magical is ... don't stress and be happy. You get a lot of family flying in, friends to host.

My Christmas shopping routine …Normally, I like to go to the shop to see [items] with my own eyes. I know everybody does a lot of online shopping, nowadays, but I think it’s more personal when you can actually see it. You can gift-wrap it yourself.

I go all out when it comes to decorations. It’s that feeling of a family and being together
Cissy Wang, artiste manager