Luxehomes Annual

Living in harmony

  • When space is at a premium, developers must make the most out of their designs to attract buyers looking for first-class and luxury with the convenience offered by properties on Hong Kong Island
PUBLISHED : Friday, 23 November, 2018, 10:04am
UPDATED : Monday, 26 November, 2018, 3:18pm

The constraints of limited land are nothing new on Hong Kong Island, but ways are still being found to secure sites and develop properties to offer the space, ambience and first-class amenities sought by the market’s ultra-luxury end.

A prime example is the high-rise Dukes Place in Jardine’s Lookout, which is now under construction. It has been planned as a new kind of “masterpiece” to grace one of Hong Kong’s traditionally more exclusive districts, and to give residents the combined attractions of a great location, stunning interiors and world-class design.

The mountain backdrop inspired the developers – Couture Homes Properties, Grosvenor Asia Pacific and Asia Standard International Group – to create a blueprint blending design aesthetics and high functionality. Couture Homes Properties managing director Jimmy Fong says, “Our basic strategy is to develop design-driven luxury projects geared to modern lifestyles, which add something to the local community and create a harmonious dialogue with the natural environment.”

Sixteen spacious flats are available in six different layouts. The saleable area ranges from around 2,800 square feet to 7,000 square feet. The block has 32 parking spaces.

Fong takes pride in choices made for the interiors; for example, the kitchen fittings and furniture, supplied by a select Italian brand and using natural materials, are intended to offer the best cooking and dining experience.

“The aim is to fashion an exquisite living experience for residents. Every design detail has been meticulously planned, taking account of the need for top-quality craftsmanship and, where it makes sense, by including cutting-edge innovation,” he says.

“Hong Kong’s high-end residential market has become detached from the underlying economy because of the limited supply and the high ‘holding power’ of property owners. We are confident that real estate prices in traditional luxury areas including The Peak, Mid-Levels, Jardine’s Lookout and Kowloon Tong will be resilient and may even rise.”

Elsewhere, the general outlook seems as upbeat, with Artisan House, the latest project from New World Development (NWD) in Hong Kong Island’s Western District, attracting lots of attention and buyer interest. The initial concept was inspired by the area’s perceived similarities with Brooklyn, and the aim is to infuse elements of the distinctive New York vibe via an inventive blend of art and architecture.

In Western District, as in Brooklyn, artists and artisans have put down roots, establishing studios, galleries and specialist retail outlets, giving the area a character and sense of the spirit found in other such communities worldwide. The building is described as having an iconic blade-like form that fits with the style and tone of its surroundings.

NWD’s Fleur Pavilia in North Point also draws inspiration from cultures, creations and crafts from around the world and gives them a local context. The guiding theme is the “Three Friends of Winter”, pine, bamboo and plum blossom, known to thrive even in cold conditions, and embodying the qualities of grit, resilience and perseverance, seen as the ideal characteristics of a gentleman and scholar. The clubhouse, with its Japanese aesthetics and minimalist style, has a “scholarly and tranquil” ambience that resonates across the whole property.