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Hedge fund director Nissim Tse says timing is everything – in business and in the boxing ring

At Sofaer Global Research, the 56-year-old is always ready to act, and thrives as a skilled operator in the round-the-clock world of investing

PUBLISHED : Tuesday, 08 November, 2016, 11:44am
UPDATED : Tuesday, 08 November, 2016, 2:52pm

Nissim Tse is unlike any other hedge-fund director. Not many 56-year-olds would consider stepping into a boxing ring with a twentysomething boxing professional and be able to hold their own – even if doing so was for a charity event.

His secret? “Timing beats speed,” he says. He has the patience to wait for the perfect moment in stressful situations. As long as he had the timing right, when up against his younger opponent, the advantage would be his. “You don’t realise how tough it is mentally for a boxer in the ring.”

Tse finds that boxing isn’t unlike his work. “All my life I have to deal with stress and my clients want to chew my head off all the time,” he says. Boxing, karate, golf and cooking all help him focus and unwind.

At Sofaer Global Research, life is round-the-clock for Tse. “Working on a global scale, someone is always awake. When we approach the end of our day, Europe is up.” Jokingly, he says: “I used to sleep a lot less.”

There is no right or wrong, there is only consequence
Nissim Tse

“There is always something that goes on that may affect your decisions. One important lesson in life is to screen out unnecessary stuff, because you can easily be overwhelmed with information, especially in the digital age.”

Tse remembers a time when business was done differently. People used to call and pitch their ideas and products, whereas now these calls are preceded by standard emails, taking the personal touch and commitment out of the equation. Inflowing emails annoy the hedge-fund expert no end, as most of them aren’t personal.

He favours “doing things mindfully; doing things with heart” – and showing sincerity.

In his tastefully decorated home on The Peak, which he shares with his wife, Sharie, and his children, each corner radiates personality; big eye-catching artworks and family photos occupy every surface.

Tse has done well for himself over the years, though he admits he’s made plenty of mistakes. He always lives by his one business motto: “There is no right or wrong, there is only consequence.” And, as long as you own up to your actions and look for solutions, that is how you move forward, instead of wasting time on the how and whys. LHC