Tokyo 2020: Naomi Osaka lights Olympic Cauldron – opening ceremony, as it happened

  • After a year's delay, and with no fans allowed, Japanese Emperor Naruhito declares Games open
  • Edgar Cheung Ka-long and Tse Ying-suet carry Hong Kong flag after China's largest team for an overseas Games entered the Olympic Stadium

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Naomi Osaka lights the Olympic Cauldron during the opening ceremony in Tokyo. Photo: AP

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Despite a year of Covid-19 concerns and controversy, the 

Tokyo 2020 Olympics
 are finally taking place, and the Games officially began tonight with the opening ceremony.

There was an eerie atmosphere amid a sombre opening performance inside the empty 68,000-capacity Olympic Stadium, in stark contrast to the protesters against the Games who created plenty of noise on the streets outside before being drowned out by the procession music as the 206 teams took turns to enter and wave their flags.

Forty-six athletes (including two reserves) will represent Hong Kong across 13 sports, the second-largest delegation sent to the Games since the 1988 Seoul Olympics. China is sending a delegation of 777 people, with 431 athletes competing in 225 events across 30 disciplines – its largest ever overseas Olympic delegation.

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Reporting by Paul Ryding and Jonathan White (in Tokyo), Jack Lau, Sammy Heung, Ngai Yeung, and Maryann Xue