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Peking Opera bike helmets worn by China’s Olympics team prove smash hit online

Legendary figures like Mulan feature on team’s headgear

PUBLISHED : Sunday, 14 August, 2016, 2:30am
UPDATED : Sunday, 14 August, 2016, 11:29pm

China’s cyclists at the Olympics have some impressive headgear – helmets featuring faces and masks from Chinese Opera.

It makes for an impressive sight as they speed around the velodrome at 70km/h.

China’s gold-medal winning team sprint team Zhong Tianshi and Gong Jinjie were sporting them on their way to victory on Friday, and male sprinter Xu Chao showed off his design on Saturday.

The women’s helmets featured Hua Mulan and Mu Guiying, legendary Chinese female warriors.

Xu’s had the Beijing Opera mask of Zhang Fei, a military general from the Three Kingdoms period.

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They proved a hit on social media, with a Reddit post titled “The Chinese Women’s track helmets are the coolest” hitting the front page of the popular news aggregator.

Although not everyone was convinced: “I find them slightly unsettling. Makes them look like they have tiny little heads haha,” wrote one user.

“The slight creepiness only makes it cooler IMO,” commented another.

Painted bright red, they obviously brought good fortune to Zhong and Gong.

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