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Hong Kong football would be a ‘world laughing stock’ if referee had his way, says Eastern coach Chan Yuen-ting

  • After a controversial equaliser, Eastern were asked by referee Tong Kui-sum to allow Tai Po to score as compensation
  • Tai Po still the eventual winners in Sapling Cup group match
PUBLISHED : Tuesday, 18 December, 2018, 1:31pm
UPDATED : Tuesday, 18 December, 2018, 10:30pm

Hong Kong could become the laughing stock of world soccer community if Eastern Long Lions followed the instruction of referee Tong Kui-sum during their Sapling Cup group match against Wofoo Tai Po over the weekend, according to coach Chan Yuen-ting.

Eastern scored a controversial equaliser through Everton Camargo on 29 minutes when Tai Po players

were not ready after stopping for an injury to teammate Wong Cho-sum.

Camargo collected a quick throw-in from Tse Long-hin after referee Tong Kui-sum restarted the match and the Brazilian striker powered home before any Tai Po player could stop him.

Tai Po players were furious and argued with the referee, who then told Eastern that they should allow Tai Po to score an immediate goal as compensation as he had made a mistake.

“I turned down this ridiculous request from the referee to avoid Hong Kong soccer becoming a world laughing stock,” Chan posted on Facebook.

A team from French television was present at the match as it was the first match Chan had managed under the supervision of France women’s national team coach Corinne Diacre through a Fifa coaching programme.

“If we allow Tai Po to score an immediate goal, we’re just manipulating the match,” said Eastern director Peter Leung Shou-chi. “And this will become a world soccer news headline.

“There were two Tai Po players around Tse when he threw in the ball but the two Tai Po players were just standing there drinking water. This has nothing to do with us.

“We can’t understand why the referee made such a request. It’s absurd! He even threatened to send Everton off later on if we don’t comply with his request. He is an experienced referee but apparently he made a big mistake.”

Tai Po eventually won the match 2-1 when David Zana scored a late winner on 87 minutes.

HKFA referees manager Charles Cheung Yim-yau said they would handle the case.