Jeremy Lin

Jeremy Lin throws his weight behind charity campaign to help young girls stay in school and alleviate poverty

NBA star to donate one game’s pay plus US$100 for every three-pointer

PUBLISHED : Wednesday, 02 November, 2016, 9:58am
UPDATED : Wednesday, 02 November, 2016, 9:58am

Basketball star Jeremy Lin has thrown his support behind a charity campaign to empower girls across the world.

Lin said he would be donating one game’s wages this season plus US$100 for every three-pointer he hits.

“I believe it’s important to raise awareness about social justice issues that have been swept under the rug,” he writes on the campaign website.

“Millions of girls across the globe are unable to get the education they need to provide for themselves and their families.

“This is due to unaffordable school fees, forced child marriage, lack of sanitary products when they reach puberty, and many other barriers.

“My hope is to shed some light on these issues, and invite you to join me in taking action.”

Lin gets a base salary of US$11,483,254 this season, which divided by the number of regular-season NBA games (82) is US$140,039.

One Day’s Wages is a charity set up by Korean-American Eugene Cho to alleviate global poverty, encouraging people to donate a day’s pay, weekly, monthly or yearly.

It says 32 million girls of lower secondary school age are not in school because of the issues cited by Lin above and that educating young women is vital to alleviating global poverty.

Last week, Lin donated US$1 million to his alma mater Harvard.